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11353Re: A Simple Question for Conan Discussion

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  • vayabe
    Jun 2, 2003
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      Well, before Conan came along I don't suppose they could even aford
      a computer and afterwards,since they'd gotten on well enought
      without it, perhaps there just didn't seem much point to getting
      one. Ran doesn't seem to have that much spare time what with school,
      karate, looking after the household and getting dragged into
      mysteries so it's not really surprising that she doesn't use
      chatrooms. I agree that Kogoro probably barely knows how to use a
      computer and somehow it seems unlikely that they'd get one just for
      While we're at it, don't the Metropolian police use computers ?
      Since when Kogoro's files were stolen they definetly appear to have
      been paper documents...
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