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11349Re: [conan] A Simple Question for Conan Discussion

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  • Shiniki Kudo
    Jun 1, 2003
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      ^-^ Konnichiwa minna!! just to say hi~ i haven't been active for a long,
      long, long time now.. (lazy)

      erm.. about the question... if you think about it, Kogoro doesn't seem to be
      the type of person to use computers regularly, all he does is sit around
      either reading newspapers or watching TV...

      and Ran? Maybe she has one, but Aoyama-sensei doesn't draw it~ he doesn't
      often show Ran's bedroom, so you never know if she's got one or not~ but
      i've got a feeling that Ran don't like computers... =3= just a thought.
      don't know why...

      Kudo Shiniki~ ^-^

      >Why there're no computers in Mouris'? It seemed anyone else had at
      >least, but not one at theirs, given they have plenty of money now?
      >Samuel Curtis, Shinichian and Hirokian. Although I must assert
      >Shinichian superiority.
      >Caritas Optimus Veritas
      > Love Ideal Truth

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