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11061Re: [conan] In the name of Shinichi Kudo -- Please Explain your spamming, karina m!

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  • Shiniki Kudo
    Mar 1, 2003
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      sorry to interrupt this serious message, but i really do think people
      shouldn't send this sort of forwards to others, especially in a ML as people
      wouldn't know what the message is about and read the content anyway. >0<
      just rolling down that message and seeing those images made me feel sick!
      whatever it was supposed to mean, i don't appreciate it in my inbox... /m\
      please dont send it to me again!

      Sorry for interruption again! but i really need to say how i feel about this
      outrageous email...

      Kudo Shiniki >_<;;

      >Please explain you group-sending of the email, containing gruesome
      >graphics "Re: Fwd: [2D_am] Fwd: kumain ka na ba? if not, wag mo nlang
      >tgnan--medyo d maganda!(eewww!!)" to me and many members of [conan]
      >off-group, including me, Matt, Eon Strife, e_kyn1988, Kazuha Triplezero,
      >moonkitty, Mousas, Summon Illusion and many others I can't yet
      >recoginze. Now you have 24 hours to explain apologize to all the group,
      >from 23:45 of 1 March 2003, at time zone GMT+8. I will, and I am able,
      >to consult Erika, the moderator of the group, of any further actions if
      >necessary. Any replies should be sent to conan@yahoogroups.com .
      >This is written by the normally gentle Samuel in the worst of his
      >I don't want to start March with this, but I have to.
      >Samuel Curtis, Shinichian, Millerine and Hirokian
      >Caritas Optimus Veritas
      > Love Ideal Truth

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