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[Computational Complexity] Bogus or not- You decide

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    SO, is TMFCS08 bogus or not? First off, Bogus to me is not a matter of quality There are some unrefereed conferences I go to that I enjoy and get something out
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2007
      SO, is TMFCS08 bogus or not? First off, Bogus to me is not a matter of quality There are some unrefereed conferences I go to that I enjoy and get something out of. They also have LOW registration fees. Bogus means that they are putting it on soley to make money and are offering nothing intellectual in return. Of course, if enough good people goto a bogus conference then they will talk to each other, so maybe it is worth it. But it depends on the price.

      I emailed Mike Sipser. Below is his response, which includes a response from the conference organizers. (I have edited it down a bit but have not changed the content. I also have one clarifying remark.)

      Hi Bill,I'm sending you the response from one of the conference organizers. From what they say this practice occurs at other conferences. I believe the conference is a real one, though I don't directly know the primary individuals involved. My personal role has been minor, just answering a few emails and giving a little advice.-- Mike


      From: Bhanu Prasad

      Subject: Is TMFCS-08 a real conference?

      This email is in response to your email sent to Prof. Sipser. Prof. Sipser asked me to look into this. Hence I am responding.

      I learned that you submitted two papers and requested the conference people to conduct the review fast. They (conference people) have informed you the acceptance, along with the review results as soon as they received from the reviewers. Then you asked them to send the invoice for payment of fee using PayPal. They have sent it. Then you asked if the fee is for both the papers or for one paper. They informed that the fee is for one paper but they reduced the fee for the 2nd paper by 30%.

      For your information, I am aware of several conferences where they do not even reduce the fee for the 2nd paper. See for example, http://conferences.computer.org/scc/2007/registr.html . They clearly indicated the following: "Each paper needs at least one FULL registration, before the camera-ready manuscript can be included in the proceedings. There is no student rate for the author who is responsible for registration for his/her published paper. If you have more than one accepted paper, you need to register for each one individually. There is no discount if you have two or more papers accepted."

      For your information, it is a real conference (because the people in that are real and I was there in 2007 conference, and it will have proceedings, etc.).

      I don't think a fake conference will become real just because they collect one fee for both the papers.

      Best regards, Bhanu Prasad, Organizing committee

      Posted By GASARCH to Computational Complexity at 11/27/2007 02:23:00 PM
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