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[Computational Complexity] Suggestion for STOC /FOCS(guest post)

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    (Guest post from Shiva Kintali. All capital letters, italics, and boldface are from Shiva.) A request to FOCS/STOC PC members Hi All, I would like to point out
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2007
      (Guest post from Shiva Kintali. All capital letters, italics, and boldface are from Shiva.)A request to FOCS/STOC PC membersHi All,I would like to point out a concern I have about the FOCS/STOC conference proceedings. There is a huge gap of around four months between the announcement of accepted papers and the conference date. For example: STOC'07 acceptance date was Feb-18th and conference date is June 11. FOCS'07 acceptance date was July 1st and conference date is Oct 21.

      Most of the authors don't upload their drafts/camera-ready papers on their homepages, for some unknown reasons. Some of them are kind enough to send their drafts if you send them an e-mail. Some don't bother to reply. If there is an exciting result (most of the STOC/FOCS papers have exciting results), most of us would like to know the techniques used, as soon as possible. For example, one of the FOCS'07 result helped me a lot in my research. I knew that the result can be used in my research, but I had to wait for four months. Waiting for four months to know the details of a result is really frustrating.

      Also, there is a gap of around 40 days between the acceptance date and the deadline for camera-ready submissions. I guess the difference between the submitted paper and camera ready version is latexification and adding the suggestions of the reviewers. This should not take more than couple of weeks. Once the committe is happy with the camera-ready version, the digital proceedings can be uploaded on the ACM/IEEE portals. I think a gap of one month between the acceptance date and uploading the digital proceedings is reasonable. Of course, this would require some hardwork from the authors and the committee. This hardwork would not go waste !!

      Can somebody PLEASE propose this in the next FOCS/STOC business meeting !!

      Posted By GASARCH to Computational Complexity at 7/25/2007 05:22:00 PM
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