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[My Computational Complexity Weblog] Suggestions to Program Committees

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  • Lance
    A program committee member who asked me to review a paper pointed me to Oded Goldreich s Suggestions to Program Committees , one of his Essays and Opinions .
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2004
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      A program committee member who asked me to review a paper pointed me to Oded Goldreich's Suggestions to Program Committees, one of his Essays and Opinions. In his suggestions he gives a reasonable interpretation to the usual ten point scoring system. A few minor quibbles: I would never score a paper a ten (which represents unattainable perfection) nor would I ever resign from a program committee, certainly not over a single paper.

      The ends of the scale are not so important; a PC does not distinguish between the excellent papers from the merely great nor does it distinguish between the merely bad and the truly lousy but instead a PC must distinguish the pretty good papers from other pretty good papers.

      Later on Oded strongly supports using "ex-submission information" in evaluating proposal even to the point of actively contacting authors for clarification during the review process. While PC members do not live in a vacuum and will be exposed to results they have to later review, actively contacting authors is patently unfair as it favors authors with whom you have a working relationship. Authors who cannot give enough information in the submission for the PC to properly evaluate the work deserve to have their paper rejected.

      Posted by Lance to My Computational Complexity Weblog at 11/29/2004 10:51:01 PM

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