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[Computational Complexity] COLT and CCC

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    The COLT (Computational Learning Theory) call for papers is out. (Actually its been out since October but I was only recently emailed it.) For other
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2010
      The COLT (Computational Learning Theory) call for papers is out. (Actually its been out since October but I was only recently emailed it.) For other information about COLT see here.
      How do COLT and CCC relate to each other? (I use COLT for both the conference and the field. I use CCC for both the conference and the field.)
      1. There are some results in COLT that are of interest to CCC and vice versa. But there is not much overlap. That is, the papers at COLT would be out-of-scope at CCC. And vice versa.
      2. CCC has its original roots in computability theory. The basic notions of reductions and completeness were adapted from computability theory. COLT has some roots in Inductive Inference (computability-theoretic model of learning) but the connection is much weaker. The PAC model, and the other models, do not really take things from Inductive Inference and adapt them.
      3. Both conferences used to have more of the Computability-theoretic material but it is faded in recent years.
      4. Both fields use tools from discrete math; however, virtually all of Theoretical Computer Science uses discrete math.
      5. COLT is co-located with ML (Machine Learning). They have done this before (I'm not sure how often.) COLT would like to be relevant to ML and probably is. CCC does not have a (more) applied field that it would like to be relevant to. CCC co-locating with STOC since there is a overlap in the people who want to go to both.
      COLT is in Israel. Is this a good idea? A conference should be located in a place where the following occur.
      1. There are people who normally can't go but now CAN go (e.g., CCC in Prague has 12(?) people from Prague, most of whom normally would have a hard time going). So- are there people in Israel who want to go? I would think yes since there is a strong theory community.
      2. It is not too hard for the people who usually go to go. How hard will it be for Americans to get to Israel? For Europeans? I don't know.
      3. The Guest Speakers (in this case Noga Alon and Noam Nissan) are close by thus saving on travel expenses. Actually, I had never thought of this one until I saw that they were the guest speakers.

      Posted By GASARCH to Computational Complexity at 1/08/2010 11:20:00 AM
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