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[Computational Complexity] Complexity Wrap-Up

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  • Lance
    I twittered about some interesting papers, the business meeting and various other impressions. Since I don t have much time to write up this post I ll just
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2009
      I twittered about some interesting papers, the business meeting and various other impressions. Since I don't have much time to write up this post I'll just list my conference related twitters here in chronological order.

      • At CCC in Paris. Arrived half way through Ryan giving talk of our paper. Paris attracted impressive group of researchers.
      • If a talk starts with a warning about simplifying, it won't be simple enough.
      • Steve Cook: Not surprised P vs NP taking so long to solve.
      • Manindra bring back the BH isomorphism conjecture to CCC. I had posted about it back in April.
      • Bill during Manindra's talk. He claims the room is too warm.

      • Prajakta Nimbhorkar gives last CCC talk of the day with log-space alg for planar graph iso. Nice application of L=SL.
      • CCC banquet at MacĂ©o easily beats EC banquet at Google but we got caught in a hail storm on way back to hotel.
      • Scott talks quantum money with no intentional jokes or proofs.
      • Live Tweeting the CCC business meeting. Promised 30 mins/35 if discussion. 100+ attendees with 36 students. USA 28, France 18, Israel 11
      • Hastad PC report: 37 papers accepted out of 113 (32.7%). High because after STOC announcements. PC more fun in person maybe not crucial.
      • CCC 2010 in Boston in Harvard, June 9-12 after STOC and same as EC all in Cambridge. Dieter van Melkebeek PC chair. Salil Vadhan local.
      • CCC 2011 at FCRC (June 4-11) in San Diego. Again with STOC and EC as well as many others.
      • Discussion on paper v. electronic proceedings. Straw vote: 28 electronic vs. 11 paper. Steering committee will decide.
        • @geomblog replies: why do all theory confs have straw polls and let the steering committee decide ? let's be democractic or autocratic, not neither !
      • Scott brings up problems with ECCC, server often down, papers get delayed or rejected. I'll post more next week.
      • New steering committee chair: Peter Bro Miltersen. New members: Johan Hastad and Manindra Agrawal. Meeting over, lasted 50 minutes.

      Posted By Lance to Computational Complexity at 7/17/2009 11:09:00 AM
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