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1688[Computational Complexity] A Great Time to be a Computer Scientist

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  • Lance Fortnow
    Dec 9, 2011
      Ask your friends if they'll be driving an electric car in ten years. The answer: No, cars will be driving us.

      Today is the 105th anniversary of the birth of computing pioneer Grace Murray Hopper and Computer Science Education Week is being held this week in her honor. If only she could see what we have reaped from what she has sown.

      The New York Times this week devoted Tuesday's Science Times to the Future of Computing. The section includes a series of essays from CS researchers including Daphne Koller, Stefan Savage, David Patterson, Kai-Fu Lee and fellow theory blogger Scott Aaronson. Scott also blogged about the experience. Though what would you do with a quantum computer on your desk? The factoring number thing could get boring pretty quick.

      The Times also has a crowdsourced interactive timeline of future computing events. Try to guess which one I submitted. Almost all the advances listed are realistic and should keep CS very active for the long future. The most exciting future computer science advances will be the ones we haven't even thought of.

      Finally the new class of ACM Fellows includes many theorists including Serge Abiteboul, Guy Blelloch, David Eppstein, Howard Karloff, Susan Landau, Joe Mitchell, Janos Pach and Diane Souvaine. A great year to be an ACM Fellow because the awards ceremony in June will follow a workshop celebrating the Turing Centenary featuring over 30 former Turing award winners.

      Posted By Lance Fortnow to Computational Complexity at 12/08/2011 04:50:00 PM