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[Computational Complexity] A Great Time to be a Computer Scientist

Ask your friends if they'll be driving an electric car in ten years. The answer: No, cars will be driving us. Today is the 105th anniversary of the birth of
Lance Fortnow
Dec 9, 2011

[Computational Complexity] Probability

On Saturday, Terrence Fine gave a talk on probability at a workshop at Northwestern. Before the talk he asked who thought probability was subjective (an
Lance Fortnow
Dec 5, 2011

[Computational Complexity] The Death of Complexity Classes?

In the 2011 Complexity proceedings there are three papers that analyze complexity classes, Ryan Williams' great paper on ACC, Russell Impagliazzo's paper on
Lance Fortnow
Nov 28, 2011

[Computational Complexity] The Jobs Bio

I just finished the Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs. Seems like everyone in the blogosphere has analyzed every sentence in the book, so I won't do
Lance Fortnow
Nov 21, 2011

[Computational Complexity] Short Bits

Because some things are too long to tweet and too short for their own blog post. What's the algorithm for the perfect sushi? Enjoy it with some cool refreshing
Lance Fortnow
Nov 18, 2011

[Computational Complexity] Making Money the (Computationally) Hard W

Digital cash systems have come and gone but Bitcoin seems to be doing okay. By request I am giving a lecture about Bitcoin in my crypto class. Most of the
Lance Fortnow
Nov 9, 2011

[Computational Complexity] The Annual Fall Jobs Post

For these looking for an academic job in computer science next year, best to start on the jobs pages of the CRA and the ACM. Both lists seem long this year,
Lance Fortnow
Nov 7, 2011

[Computational Complexity] Journals

What is the purpose of an academic journal? To provide a permanent vetted record of a specific research endeavor. The ways we communicate scientific research
Lance Fortnow
Nov 3, 2011

[Computational Complexity] The Digital Random Bit Generator

I started this month asking about the nature of randomness and how we generate it for our computers. Let me end the month talking about Intel's clever new
Lance Fortnow
Oct 31, 2011

[Computational Complexity] The revolution will be DVRed

(There are TWO theory day events in NY this semester: Thu Nov 11. and Fri Nov 12.) BILL: Will you be going to the RALLY TO RESTORE SANITY AND/OR FEAR? (See
Nov 2, 2010

[Computational Complexity] By Any Other Name Would Be Just As Hard

In 1973 Donald Knuth searched for a name for the hardest problems in NP. Steve Cook didn't give a name in his paper and Karp called them P-complete. Knuth
Nov 1, 2010

[Computational Complexity] Advice on getting connecting to the commu

(Guest Post by Daniel Apon.) As a follow up to the last post on Do Conferences Build Community? I offer some advice for people to get connected to the
Oct 29, 2010

[Computational Complexity] Do conference build community? (joint pos

(Joint Post by Daniel Apon and Bill Gasarch. Does doing joint posts build community?) In GASARCH's post on Will there be a 50th CCC He mentioned that
Oct 28, 2010

[Computational Complexity] FOCS Part II

I'm heading back to Chicago this morning. Dan Spielman had a special talk in honor of his recent Nevanlinna prize. He gave an amazing talk (as always) about
Oct 26, 2010

[Computational Complexity] FOCS Part I

Some thoughts from the FOCS conference in Las Vegas. One result I hadn't seen before I heard people excited by, Determinant Sums for Undirected Hamiltonicity
Oct 25, 2010
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