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Fw: [Derby-list] Re: schooldays

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  • Steve McGhee
    ... children ... young ... Mum
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2004
      > A new teacher is introducing herself to the class. It is the children's
      > first ever day at school.
      > "My name is Miss Pilkington children, and I'm going to be your new teacher
      > this year, and I am a Nottingham Forest fan. How many of you other
      > are Nottingham Forest fans"?
      > Eager to please their new teacher, and even though most of them have never
      > heard of Nottingham Forest, the children's hands all shoot in the air, all
      > except young Jimmy's.
      > The teacher spots this straight away and decides to make an example of
      > Jimmy
      > "Why didn't you put your hand up, Jimmy?", she asked.
      > "Because I'm a Derby County fan Miss", came the reply from young Jimmy
      > "Why have you decided to be a Derby County fan then"? asked the teacher.
      > "My Grandad and my Dad and my Mum are all Derby County fans, so I am too",
      > answered Jimmy
      > "Oh!", said Miss Pilkington, "and if your Grandad and your Dad and your
      > were morons, I suppose that would make you a moron too then?"
      > "No Miss, it would make me a Forest fan!"
      > Boom! Boom!
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