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RE: [completeandutterrubbish] Week 29 predictions

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  • Michael Page
    Croatia 2-1 Serbia Macedonia 0-2 Belgium Scotland 2-1 Wales Bulgaria 2-0 Malta Czech Rep 1-0 Denmark Kazakhstan 0-2 Germany Austria 3-0 Faroe Islands Sweden
    Message 1 of 47 , Mar 18, 2013
      Croatia 2-1 Serbia
      Macedonia 0-2 Belgium
      Scotland 2-1 Wales
      Bulgaria 2-0 Malta
      Czech Rep 1-0 Denmark
      Kazakhstan 0-2 Germany
      Austria 3-0 Faroe Islands
      Sweden 2-0 Rep Ireland
      Andorra 0-1 Turkey
      Hungary 1-1 Romania
      Holland 3-0 Estonia
      Slovenia 1-0 Iceland
      Norway 1-0 Albania
      Israel 0-1 Portugal
      San Marino 0-2 England  **
      Luxembourg 1-1 Azerbaijan
      N.Ireland 0-2 Russia
      Moldova 0-1 Montenegro
      Poland 1-2 Ukraine
      Liechtenstein 0-1 Latvia
      Slovakia 1-0 Lithuania
      Moldova 0-1 Montenegro
      Spain 3-0 Finland
      France 2-0 Georgia
      Cyprus 0-1 Switzerland
      Accrington Stanley Bowles
      Moldova v Montenegro is in their twice Steve

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      World Cup week this week - but note these games are on FRIDAY night.
      Re the much-delayed update - bear with me....bit of union trouble with the
      staff here!
      HQ can only apologise to you all.

      Croatia v Serbia
      Macedonia v Belgium
      Scotland v Wales
      Bulgaria v Malta
      Czech Rep v Denmark
      Kazakhstan v Germany
      Austria v Faroe Islands
      Sweden v Rep Ireland
      Andorra v Turkey
      Hungary v Romania
      Holland v Estonia
      Slovenia v Iceland
      Norway v Albania
      Israel v Portugal
      San Marino v England
      Luxembourg v Azerbaijan
      N.Ireland v Russia
      Moldova v Montenegro
      Poland v Ukraine
      Liechtenstein v Latvia
      Slovakia v Lithuania
      Moldova v Montenegro
      Spain v Finland
      France v Georgia
      Cyprus v Switzerland

    • Gary Feikert
      Croatia v Serbia 2-0 Macedonia v Belgium 1-3 Scotland v Wales 2-0 Bulgaria v Malta 2-0 Czech Rep v Denmark
      Message 47 of 47 , Mar 22, 2013
        Croatia v Serbia 2-0
        Macedonia v Belgium 1-3
        Scotland v Wales 2-0
        Bulgaria v Malta 2-0
        Czech Rep v Denmark 2-0
        Kazakhstan v Germany 0-2
        Austria v Faroe Islands 3-0
        Sweden v Rep Ireland 2-0
        Andorra v Turkey 0-3
        Hungary v Romania 1-1
        Holland v Estonia 3-0
        Slovenia v Iceland 2-1
        Norway v Albania 3-0**
        Israel v Portugal 1-2
        San Marino v England 0-4
        Luxembourg v Azerbaijan 1-0
        N.Ireland v Russia 0-3
        Moldova v Montenegro 0-2
        Poland v Ukraine 2-1
        Liechtenstein v Latvia 0-1
        Slovakia v Lithuania 1-1
        Moldova v Montenegro 0-2
        Spain v Finland 4-0
        France v Georgia 2-1
        Cyprus v Switzerland 0-3

        Santa Rosa United
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