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Marmalade Skies Hall Of Psychedelic Superlatives (MS HOPS)!

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  • mick capewell
    Apologies to those who receive this several times over. I was watching the induction ceremony into something called the UK Music Hall Of Fame on Channel 4 a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
      Apologies to those who receive this several times over.
      I was watching the induction ceremony into something called the "UK Music Hall Of Fame" on Channel 4 a few days back. It was, predictably, a huge pile of stale vole droppings. For some reason they inducted Aretha Franklin and Bob Dylan into a UK HOF, along with Jimi Hendrix, although I suppose you could make a case for him if you included the Experience in the deal. The 'Oo were inducted but so were the Bloody Eurhythmics (my all-time hates!) Bah!  All of these HOF things seem to be clogged up with artists who don't deserve to be in them, while the real greats never get anywhere near them, which is galling to say the least.
      Well, I've decided that Marmalade Skies is going to have its very own Hall Of Fame, concentrating, of course, on UK Psychedelic artists, AND the acts to be inducted aren't going to be selected by "an exclusive panel of experts". Oh no, anyone who gets into the MS HOPS (Hall Of Psychedelic Superlatives) will be selected by EVERYONE! Or at least, everyone who can be bothered to vote.

      What I plan to do is have a nice little page on MS with the names of the HOPS inductees displayed on neat little scroll-type thingies, along with a brief citation. Perhaps not so brief. Anyway, once a year we have a vote and induct a few more lucky artists--but not too many because this is, after all, intended to be a tribute to the elite.

      OK, what I need then, are VOTES from as many people as possible (but only one set of votes each thanks--no cheating) Have a think about which artists you consider to be deserving of the HOPS accolade and then e-mail me your Top 5 nominations. Your #1 nomination will thus receive 5 points, your second favourite 4 points and so on down to 1 point. At midnight on 31st December 2005 the vote will be closed and the points totted up. The TEN acts with the most points will then become the first inductees into the MS HOPS. This is the only time that ten artists will be inducted at one time, just to get the HOPS off to a flying start. Next year there might be room for just 3 more, or maybe 5. We''ll see how things go.

      IN ADDITION to the musical members of MS HOPS, there will be "Honorary Members". These will be non-musicians who have nevertheless contributed a great deal to the British Psychedelic Scene, be they DJs, Producers, Writers, Artists, Sleeve Designers, Photographers, Managers etc etc. This year I just need one vote from each of you and the Top 2 vote winners will be the initial Honorary inductees.

      I should imagine that most votes will go to Brit Psych acts of the 60s, but there are no time limits imposed on your nominations. If you think that the likes of The Dukes, or Nick Nicely or Bevis Frond or whoever deserve your votes then by all means vote for them.

      Remember BRITISH nominees only please, although we can make the odd exception when a foreigner is primarily associated with the Brit Psych scene. Jimi Hendrix Experience and Mark Wirtz are two names that spring to mind as examples.

      So, in conclusion, it would be great if as many of you fine people as possible could spare a minute or two of your time and forward your Top 5 nominations (plus 1 Honorary nomination), IN ORDER OF PREFERENCE, to mick@...  

      Please don't post your votes to this board, thanks!

      If anyone has any questions, suggestions or abuse then please contact me at the same e-address.

      Closing date for voting is Dec 31st but please vote early if you can. Pass this on to anybody else who might like to vote too. .

      Thanks everybody. This could be the start of something quite nice

      Cheers, Mick
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