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Fw: [Arbitrage-Adr] Job openings at Queen Mary London and ICSID

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    Alguno de ustedes puede estar interesado ... From: Alexis.Martinez@AllenOvery.com To: arbitrage-adr@yahoogroupes.fr Sent:
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      Alguno de ustedes puede estar interesado

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      Subject: [Arbitrage-Adr] Job openings at Queen Mary London and ICSID

      Dear friends,
      Some of you may be interested in the following two positions:
      • The School of International Arbitration, at Queen Mary University of London, is seeking a Research Fellow on a fixed-term contract on a full-time basis (however, it may be offered as a less than full-time post).  The role involves conducting research into how large corporations resolve international disputes through international arbitration and their attitudes towards non-judicial settlement of disputes. The new research builds on the 2010 research of White and Case LLP, which is available at: www.arbitrationonline.org/research/index.html. The post is to commence as soon as possible, and applications are open until 7 November. For further details and an application form please visit www.hr.qmul.ac.uk/vacancies.
      • ICSID is looking to hire a Junior Counsel who is fully fluent in English and preferably also fluent in at least one of the other two official languages of the Centre (i.e., French or Spanish).  The role would involve serving as secretary to conciliation commissions and arbitral tribunals and participating in the Centre’s research and publication work.  The selected candidate will operate under the general guidance of the Secretary-General and will work closely under the supervision of a Team Leader.  Applications are open until 7 November.  Further information can be found at: http://extjobs.worldbank.org/external/default/main?pagePK=64273552&piPK=64273556&theSitePK=1058433&JobNo=112038&order=descending&sortBy=job-req-num&location=ALL&menuPK=64262364
      Kind regards,
      Alexis Martinez
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