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Fw: Inaugural Issue: News from the ICDR

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    ICDR Updates ICDR Arbitration Caseload Up 19 Percent The ICDR experienced an increase in its case filings with 836 new international arbitrations filed in
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      Issue One

      The ICDR International Arbitration Reporter

      ICDR Updates

      ICDR Arbitration Caseload Up 19 Percent

      The ICDR experienced an increase in its case filings with 836 new international arbitrations filed in 2009. That represents an increase of 19 percent over its 2008 arbitration caseload. In 2009 there were significant increases in filings from every part of the world. The number of cases that did not involve any U.S. party more than doubled from 32 in 2008 to 65 in 2009.


      ICDR Guidelines Offer Tools for Effective Arbitration Management

      There has been much discussion recently about the trend toward greater complexity, expense and delay in arbitration. Of particular concern is the U.S.-style disclosure—discovery—in international arbitration. To alleviate such concerns, the ICDR has promulgated the ICDR Guidelines for Arbitrators Concerning Exchanges of Information.


      ICDR Arbitration Awards Roundup


      In Comverse Inc v. American Telecommunications Ltda., the Superior Court of Justice denied interim relief to secure enforcement of a foreign arbitral award pending its recognition. Comverse, concerned that the Brazilian respondent had become insolvent, filed a request for a conservatory measure seeking an order of attachment of certain assets in order to secure the satisfaction of the award.



      In 2004 Chile adopted a faithful copy of the 1985 UNCITRAL Model Law, the 2004 LAW on International Commercial Arbitration (ICAL). Pursuant to Chile's ICAL, Articles 35 and 26, the grounds for the recognition and enforcement of an award, irrespective of where it is made, are identical to the provisions of Article V of the New York Convention.



      In Industria y Distribuidora Indistri S.A. and SAP Andina y Del Caribe C.A., Bogota’s “Tribunal Superior,” issued a ruling on March 10, 2010, dismissing an annulment request filed against an ICDR award that was issued in December 2009.


      ICDR Maintains Global Strategic Alliances

      Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution (BCDR-AAA)

      In January 2010 the ICDR launched a new international arbitration and mediation centre in Bahrain, the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution ("BCDR-AAA"), in partnership with the Kingdom of Bahrain.


      The International Mediation Institute

      In its continuing effort to promote effective mediation and in response to the needs of users and the international mediation communities, the ICDR/AAA became a founding institution of the International Mediation Institute.


      ICDR Singapore

      The ICDR's Asian Centre in Singapore is a joint venture with the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC). ICDR’s Asian caseload has been growing in recent years, and Singapore offered an agreeable location for its Asian operations.


      The ICDR & CANACO

      In 2006 the ICDR forged a partnership with CANACO (Mediation and Arbitration Commission of the Mexico City National Chamber of Commerce) through its Mediation and Arbitration Center in concert with the creation of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Since that time, the ICDR and CANACO have collaborated on numerous educational programs, development activities, rule changes and administrative projects.


      The ICDR & IACAC

      The Inter-American Commercial Arbitration Commission (IACAC) is an arbitral institution, which has a specialized focus on the ADR landscape of the Americas and is specifically referenced in Article 3 of the Inter-American Convention on International Commercial Arbitration (Panama Convention).


      ICDR Events

      ICDR 9th Annual International Arbitration Conference

      Miami, Florida – March 16-18, 2011

      ICDR – IBA International Arbitration Conference

      New York City – June 13, 2011

      About the ICDR

      The ICDR, established in 1996, provides a full range of conflict management services around the world. It has offices in the U.S., Mexico, Bahrain and Singapore, as well as a network of cooperative institutions and key alliances in 46 countries.

      The ICDR Case Management Team, based in the centre’s New York headquarters, comprises professionals from throughout the world, including Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Romania, Russia, Iran, Ghana and Sri Lanka. Team members are well versed with the differences between common and civil law practices. They speak a dozen languages, and they have been trained to handle cultural differences and positions that often accompany cross-border disputes. For more information about ICDR services, go to: http://www.icdr.org

      For questions regarding this issue or additional information about the ICDR, please contact Luis Martinez, VP-ICDR, at MartinezL@....


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