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138Congreso ITA - CBAr Brasil

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  • Fernando Mantilla-Serrano
    Sep 4, 2008



      Por considerarlo de interés para todos los afiliados a esta lista, me permito circular la información correspondiente a la conferencia organizada conjuntamente por el ITA y el Comité Brasileño de Arbitraje, la cual se llevará a cabo en Sao Paulo los próximos días 21 y 23 de septiembre y en la que participan distinguidos especialistas en arbitraje, varios de ellos miembros del CCA.


      Como el CCA es patrocinador, todos sus miembros tienen derecho a una tarifa reducida.







      ITA-CBAr Joint Conference on International Arbitration

      September 21-23, 2008 – São Paulo , Brazil


      Supported by the COMITE COLOMBIANO DE ARBITRAJE - CCA, the ITA-CBAr Joint Conference on International Arbitration will take place on September 21-23, 2008, in São Paulo .


      All CCA members are entitled to a member discount on the conference tuition.


      The conference will be the leading international arbitration event in Brazil this year, combining the Brazilian Arbitration Committee’s (CBAr) Annual Congress and the Institute for Transnational Arbitration’s (ITA) Annual Americas Workshop with a special program for young lawyers (under 40). The entire conference will be presented with simultaneous translation in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


      The conference begins on Sunday afternoon, September 21, with a Roundtable for young lawyers (under 40) followed by a welcome reception for all registrants and faculty. 


      On Monday, September 22, the 4th ITA Americas Workshop will offer Insider Insights in Complex Energy Disputes in the form of a mock arbitration presented in 8 dramatic scenes with expert commentaries following each scene.  The featured luncheon speaker will be Justice Sidney Benetti of the Superior Court of Justice of Brazil. 


      On Tuesday, September 23, the 8th CBAr Congress will address Arbitrability as the Last Frontier for Universalism in International Arbitration. The Workshop and Congress speakers will include many of the leading arbitrators and arbitration counsel in the world.


      Please visit http://www.cailaw.org/ita/4th_WS_08_sp.html for details and to register for the conference. 


      We hope to see you in São Paulo !


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