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  • DC Comic Kid
    HUGE LOT OF DC COMICS & COLLECTIBLES http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260081274127 It’s that time again to clear out the comic book
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2007
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      It’s that time again to clear out the comic book collection to make room for new stuff!  You will receive the following issues in this lot, all read once, put away, bagged and boarded in Mint/Near Mint condition:
      52 - 1 through 34
      Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis 43-47
      JSA Classified 19 & 20
      Teen Titans (2006) 37-42
      Wonder Woman (2006) 1-3
      Justice League of America (2006) 0, 1-5
      Infinite Crisis 1-7 (includes both covers for issue 6)
      Infinite Crisis Secret Files & Origins 2006
      Green Lantern Secret Files & Origins 2006
      Green Lantern: Rebirth 1-6 (includes both covers for issue 2)
      Green Lantern (2005) 1-15
      Superman/Shazam: First Thunder 1-4
      Batman Annual 25 (Red Hood Infinite Crisis issue)
      Birds of Prey 100
      Brave New World One Shot 1
      JLA Year One Graphic Novel
      (96 books of the hardest hitting year the DC Universe has ever seen, hours and hours of reading pleasure that will probably raise more questions than answer them!)
      You will also receive:
      All Star Squadron Annual 1
      Aquaman 53 (1st series)
      Our Army At War Featuring Sgt Rock 290
      Superman Family 206 ($1 Comic – No ads)
      World’s Finest 227 (Neal Adams art – 100 pgs for 60 cents)
      World’s Finest 271 ($1 Comic – 200th Anniversary of the Superman/Batman team)
      World’s Finest 284 (LSH Guest Star)
      DC Super-Stars 7 (featuring Aquaman)
      1st Issue Special 12 (Starman)
      Mister Miracle 24
      Flash 282 (with Green Lantern)
      Wonder Woman (2nd series) 1, 4
      Flash (2nd series) 3
      Plastic Man 1
      Wild Dog 1
      The World of Krypton 2
      Batman & the Outsiders 2
      Justice League International 20
      Tales of the New Teen Titans – 1
      Cosmic Boy 1-4
      Elvira’s House of Mystery 1-5
      Legends 1-3
      Aquaman 1, 3, 4, 5 (1989 mini)
      Aquaman 1, 2, 4 (1986 mini)
      Aquaman Special 1 (1988)
      Super Powers 1 (1985)
      Super Powers 1 (1984)
      Super Powers 1, 2 (1986)
      The Power of Shazam 1
      Booster Gold 4, 10
      Captain Atom 3-5 (1987)
      (Books rate from excellent condition to very fine.) 
      Last but not least, the lot finishes out with the following:
      DVDs, action figures, games, cards and more!
      Justice League of America Monopoly board game
      Superman Window Cling Padded Pillow
      Box of unopened Curad Superman bandages
      Unopened Hot Wheels Batman Begins Batmobile (with Batman figurine)
      Batman & Robin mini thermos
      Unopened Justice League Thank You cards
      2 Disc Promo Legion of Superheroes cartoon on Kids CW
      New Superman Christmas ornament
      Superman Cool Water Bottle
      Superman Lanyard
      Plush Superman doll
      Empty Superman Bellywashers Bottle (washed out)
      Unopened Batman UNO card set with metal tin
      Unopened Superman Returns Diet Pepsi can
      Plush Krytpo the Superdog animal
      1 Pair New Boys Superman Slipper Socks
      Superman Plastic Plate
      Superman Returns Movie Book – Coming Home
      1 Box Kellogg’s Superman Fruit Snacks
      Aquaman action figure
      Superman miniature teacup (1970s)
      Lex Luthor miniature teacup (1970s)
      Batman & Robin pillow fabric
      JLA: Wonder Woman – Mythos novel
      Superman Returns/Superman II – The Donner Cut hologram keyring
      Superman Returns Clark to Superman sealed action figure
      Superman Returns X-Ray Alert sealed action figure
      Batman – Mystery of the Batwoman promo DVD
      Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman DVD
      Superman: The Movie DVD
      Superfriends Fold & Mail Stationary pad
      Justice League unopened 24 piece jigsaw puzzle
      Superman emblem CD holder
      Superman: The Movie Lobby Brochure
      Superman: The Movie Soundtrack Selections & Photo Album
      Set of Five (5) DC Comics characters trading cards
      Wizard Superman Blue sealed trading card
      Hardcover Ultimate Guide to the JLA
      Hardcover Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel
      Two (2) plastic Superman shopping bags
      Batman Forever mug from McDonalds
      Two (2) Justice League toys from Burger King (Martian Manhunter & Superman)
      Three (3) Justice League mini comics from Burger King
      One (1) sealed pack of Superman Returns trading cards
      Set of four (4) Superman and Batman postcards
      Six (6) Superman Returns temporary tattoos
      Two (2) Sealed Superman Returns Kid’s Meal toys
      (Sixty four items total, from the late 1970’s to last year!  The JLA boardgame is missing the Batman token, eating the fruit snacks are not recommended, nor drinking the Diet Pepsi.) 
      Excellent investment for the ultimate comic book fan!

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    • Noel Raley
      Looking for a buyer for a Razor 1992 Tourbook signed by Everett Hartsoe (the creator) in silver metallic ink. The Tourbook also includes 3 b/w lithographs in
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 31, 2007
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        Looking for a buyer for a Razor 1992 Tourbook signed by Everett
        Hartsoe (the creator) in silver metallic ink. The Tourbook also
        includes 3 b/w lithographs in cardboard backing.

        Make me an offer. I also have many of the Master Editions of Marvel
        Universe and some comic book versions as well.


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