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Re: MORE Heroes on PULSE :)

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  • penguincomicsmovies
    ... comic book ... some scenes ... on this ... Heroes is the ultimate Comic book TV show. It reaches past the smack- em and zap, powie that so many
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 31, 2006
      --- In comic_books@yahoogroups.com, jencomx3@... wrote:
      > well heroes is comics related b/c the one character in it is a
      comic book
      > artist and there is a comic version that fills in the blanks to
      some scenes
      > running on nbc.com
      > also Jeph Loeb, TIm Sale and a handful of other comic creators work
      on this
      > show each week.
      > Jen

      Heroes is the ultimate Comic book TV show. It reaches past the 'smack-
      em' and 'zap, powie' that so many civilians relate Comics with and
      dives into everything from racism to MPD.

      It seems not afraid to tackle some very uncomfortable subjects such
      as rape, murder or drug use and still uses super-powered people as
      it's main subject.

      Jiro is the consumate wanna-be hero. He believes in what is a 'right
      path' and plans on following that path no matter what. But it is his
      non-powered friend who helps him move along.

      Claire is a trouble teenager who suddenly realizes she can't be hurt.
      At least not physically. But her spirit and heart are still those of
      a young girl, seeking emotional and spiritual support and guidance.

      Isacc is a weak, confused, and talented man who can harness his drug
      induced stupors to draw the future.

      You have people who can move through walls, read minds, travel
      through time, live thorough virtually anything, rip people in half.
      You have Kitty Pryde, Charles Xavier, Juggernaut, Hulk, Nightcrawler.

      Heroes is a Comic book, in live action that is not syrupy, childish
      or offered in a style that would scare away most thinking people.

      It should be reviewed as a live action show, on a Comic site. But non-
      Comic book or even Science Fiction fans should never be allowed to
      review a show like this.

      It is, possibly the one show that will move Comic books from a
      childrens or young teens market into one for adults and young adults.

      Thank God this show is on the air.

      Larry Stanley
      Editor PCU
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