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Re: WANTED: Artists for making comic books...

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  • rgunte19
    I already work in comics as color flatter though in future may consider such.. A suggestion for you is to make some samples setup booths at various cons It may
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 1, 2006
      I already work in comics as color flatter though in future may
      consider such.. A suggestion for you is to make some samples setup
      booths at various cons It may cost but gets people o see your art
      outside the web. Wondercon or SDCC is best places on west coast
      though there is many across the country
      You should also specify if your book is going to be Color, black
      and white, hand lettered, computer lettered, inked, digitally inked

      I have general contacts in the comic field, however usually they
      won't work for profits :( But may know some people/ quality web
      forums to post such requests so e-mail me if you wish more help..


      ps.. find a nice picture web site and post some of the concept
      sketches, and ideas and build a webpage

      --- In comic_books@yahoogroups.com, jonathan cumpio <j_cumpio@...>
      > hello,
      > may i ask some inquiry as to what kind of drawings needs for the
      > I may be sending you my sample drawings if you like.
      > jonathan
      > raytoons <raytoons@...> wrote:
      > Hi all you comic book lovers,
      > I'm look for artists (and I know many of you at this comic book
      > are artists) willing to help me make some comic books for a new
      > emerging comic book company called Raytoons Comics. Only 3 books
      > released in the past few months and only about 15-20 orders made,
      > which is actually a very good start for comic books that are
      > currently only available on only two online book stores.
      > After I get a few more books finished, I plan to spend an
      > amount of effort promoting my comics. It's going to be expensive,
      > which is why I am waiting to save up my money (It may cost up to
      > thousands to do all these) and carefully plan which places I plan
      > where to advertise. When I do advertise, I expect sales to rise up
      > drastically – This means that if you are part of my comic book
      > your sales will go up as well.
      > Here is a list of some of the places I am considering for
      > and distribution:
      > http://www.eccrypt.com/cbm_adv.htm
      > http://www.comicon.com/index.html
      > http://services.darkhorse.com/ads/index.php
      > http://www.coldcut.com/publishers.html
      > http://vendor.diamondcomics.com/getting_started.asp#New%20Supplier%
      > 20Information%20Sheet
      > http://www.coldcut.com/adrates.html
      > I am also considering Comic Book Buyers guide and other comic book
      > buying guides.
      > Would anyone be interested in working in working on any of the
      > for this?
      > If any of you are, then email me back and we can figure out how
      > would get paid and more information about what you would be
      > on.
      > I am considering paying you a percentage of the profits, depending
      > how much of the comic you plan to work on. If you do all the
      > inking, and coloring for a particular issue, then you would get
      > the profits for it. But if you'd prefer a flat rate, I'm sure we
      > could figure something out. I was also thinking about doing
      > through Paypal, since they are supposed to be one of safest ways
      > send payments. But if you prefer other forms of payment, then that
      > would be fine.
      > Email me if your interested.
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