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    CONTACT: Genome Studios www.genomestudios.com jasonm@genomestudios.com March 1, 2006 • Ellium comics in 2006 • Ellium comics in 2007 • Ellium ONLINE RPG!
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      Genome Studios

      March 1, 2006

      • Ellium comics in 2006
      • Ellium comics in 2007
      • Ellium ONLINE RPG!

      Genome Studios, the production company for Ellium, has many plans
      for 2006 and this is why you should care: If you are looking for the
      superhero alternative and enjoy shows like "24" and "Alias," ELLIUM
      will be the series for you - and to prove it, we're giving it away!

      PLANS FOR 2006: Throughout the end of 2006, Genome Studios will be
      releasing several 12 page ELLIUM comics free on the web with the
      goal of not only entertaining the fans of ELLIUM, but demonstrating
      both the level of quality and faith we have in the series. All of
      this is in preperation for January, 2007 when we announce the
      solicitation of ELLIUM: BLOOD RED SNOW, the official launch of the
      ELLIUM series!

      In addition to the free comics throughout 2006, Genome Studios will
      be setting up an online RPG forum for fans of espionage, secret
      societies, and the occult. A work in progress currently, the ELLIUM
      forum aims to be THE PLACE for your online RPG experience!

      PLANS FOR 2007: By the time 2007 rolls along, the entire roster of
      books planned for release that year will be completed. Throughout
      2007, the ELLIUM series will consist of several self-contained
      books, the first of wich will be the 48 page BLOOD RED SNOW. Paring
      the team of Jason Moser and Matt Krizan, ELLIUM: BRS promises to be
      an action packed tale of espionage and terrorism!

      With the release of several free books on the web throughout 2006,
      it is our hope at Genome Studios to build trust between us and our
      fans. If you enjoy the stories and have your local shops order them
      when available, we promise to deliver quality books consistantly!

      For more information on Genome Studios and the books it produces, or
      to view the online RPG forum, please visit us at:

      ABOUT ELLIUM:Having her life ripped away one bloody piece at a time
      is only the beginning for Angelica Cain. Running from the murderers
      of her father, Angelica unwittingly becomes entangled in a shadow-
      war played out on a global front behind corporate logos. Thrust into
      a sub-culture of futuristic espionage, secret societies and the
      occult, Angelica's fate and that of the entire world hang in the

      ABOUT GENOME STUDIOS:Genome Studios was founded in January of 2000
      by Jason Moser with the stated goal of quality entertainment at an
      affordable price. Working with some of the finest creators in the
      comic book industry, Genome Studios continues to strive for
      excellence with its flagship title, Ellium. For more information on
      Genome Studios and the books it produces, please visit us online at
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