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Comic books ending Sunday - ITEMS ON EBAY NOW!!! eBay Seller List: xmytreasx@ao

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    Comic books ending Sunday - ITEMS ON EBAY NOW!!!
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
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      Comic books ending Sunday - ITEMS ON EBAY NOW!!!

      eBay Seller List: xmytreasx@...

      1068469915 Jan-27-02 Feb-03-02 15:18:10 $3.50 Set - 2 Porky Pig & Archie Comic Books 1971-4
      1068469916 Jan-27-02 Feb-03-02 15:18:10 $3.00 3 Marvel Comics Wolverine & Ghost Rider 1991 No Bids Yet
      1068469919 Jan-27-02 Feb-03-02 15:18:11 $3.25 2 DC Comic Books '63 Superman & '66 Spectre
      1068469921 Jan-27-02 Feb-03-02 15:18:11 $2.00 DC Comic Secret Origins Spectre & Deadman '87 No Bids Yet
      1068469923 Jan-27-02 Feb-03-02 15:18:11 $3.00 2 Marvel 25th Anniv. GI JOE Ltd. Series Hndbk
      1068469925 Jan-27-02 Feb-03-02 15:18:11 $2.00 Handbook of Marvel Universe <M> 1983 No Bids Yet
      1068469926 Jan-27-02 Feb-03-02 15:18:11 $3.00 2 DC Comic Books Batman & Spectre '81/'87
      1068469928 Jan-27-02 Feb-03-02 15:18:11 $2.00 Set of 2 1977 DC & Marvel Comic Books No Bids Yet
      1068469930 Jan-27-02 Feb-03-02 15:18:12 $2.00 DC Comics Wrath of Spectre '74 & Sandman '75 No Bids Yet
      1068469932 Jan-27-02 Feb-03-02 15:18:12 $3.00 DC Comics Secret Origins '73 & Superman '74 No Bids Yet

      As with all of my auctions, No Reserve!!!

      All of my auctions, except dutch, start with 'Buy it Now' option.

      If you have not had a chance to do so, check out my website for many
      more items for sale.  My-Treasures eBay Store



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      See what I am selling on Ebay
      eBay Seller List: xmytreasx@...

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