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Re: [comic_books] Re: How to improve movies

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  • Tricia
    ... Wrong movie. The one you re thinking of is called Honey I blew up the kid , or something like that. __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? SBC
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 30, 2003
      >--- diamondthazruff <diamondthazruff@...>
      >Well the army is after you for the same reason that
      >they are in the movie (u need to check that out) and
      >the same reason that they always have in hulk
      >history......you are a big green beast terrorizing
      >people...i mean u r like king kong odestroying the
      >city out there u know. its only suggested that people
      >arent gonna like that. i mean even in honey i shrunk
      >the kids from back in the day when the baby got big
      >they started circling him with planes and shooting @
      >him and stuff...and THAT was just an overgrown baby
      >playin in the street.

      Wrong movie. The one you're thinking of is called
      "Honey I blew up the kid", or something like that.

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