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TRDL Tribute Art - Katana

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  • TRDL - Thom
    This illustration was done for the R3 Jam on TRDL s R3 Forum. Artists can participate in any open jams by heading here
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2010

      This illustration was done for the R3 Jam on TRDL's R3 Forum. Artists can participate in any open jams by heading here. This time, it was the Outsiders, from DC..

      This is part of my TRDL Pin-Up series, which includes bomber girl nose-art, fictitious advertisements and propaganda, and other business...

      I'm not going to lie: the original Outsiders gave me hives. But I'm a Marvel guy. I just could never get my head around Batman, even the goofy yellow and powder blue and pale grey high-eared Batman of the day, would leave the Justice League and mentor a bunch of punks. That said, there was more than enough ridiculous crap that like going on at Marvel (I mean, Defenders? WHAT?) but anyway, just wasn't my thing. BUT I do remember this: I was all wound up about a new character I had created called Katana: she was this Japanese bad ass martial artist hottie with, you got it, a katana (actually two) and man she was ra---- and boom, my friend pointed out the Outsiders and there we were. So, I always sort of resented that character. "Huph! DC named that stereotyped Asian character after her own weapon! MEH!' Even though I had done the same, in all my 5th grade brilliance. Anyway, of course I had to return to Katana for this jam. The DC version, mind you. I chose a more recent iteration of her look. I was really delighted by how incongruous her dark gray gloves are in that costume, so i think that's what drew me in. Sometimes it's the most random thing, I guess.

      There's a film nod in this one, too...

      Please enjoy.

      Click through to read more about it and see process pics and the like, if you enjoy such behind-the-scenes business.
      Artists, come join us on R3 and submit to the jams!



      You can see this illustration here on the R3 Forum: http://www.thirdraildesignlab.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=17607&p=147143
      Or here, as above, on the TRDL blog: http://www.thirdraildesignlab.com/blog/2010/08/16/trdl-tribute-katana-outsiders/
      And you can see a larger view right off my TRDL Illustration Site, here: http://www.thirdraildesignlab.com/images/trdltr_katana_z.jpg
      A choice for everyone!

      Thanks for looking,
      Third Rail Design Lab
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