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A rainy day in GRiffith In. so I need to catch up

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  • scottc33
    A rare day off and with it being a rainy nasty day I m spending it at the computer and thought I d catch up on some of the posts to the site recently 1) In
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2003
      A rare day off and with it being a rainy nasty day I'm spending it at
      the computer and thought I'd catch up on some of the posts to the site

      1) In regards to the picture post the other day I do not believe that
      a posting like that should have been placed on this site which can be
      seen by children. I also hope that those who saw it are not going to
      act like children and realize that there are people like this out
      there who are trying to exploit themselves for monetary gain
      2) The moderator of the group was well within his rights to ban this
      person from posting further messages. I support the first amendment in
      the persons right to say whatever he wants but not in a way that
      violates the law in contributing to the delinquency of a minor. This
      is a site to discuss comics not argue about pictures being posted or
      banned from being posted.

      I have been posting comics I have for sale on dcomics.com (thanks
      daedal23 for the site) but if you do list on it PLEASE list more than
      the issue number. Anyone can go in and pick a title and list the issue
      numbers but writer/artist/inker information and a plot synopsis would
      be nice too

      Favorite Comics: I started reading comics with the old Adventure
      Comics Legion Of Super Heroes by Jim Shooter and they were a longtime
      favorite of mine till the went to L.E.G.I.O.N. and Legionnaires. My
      favorite run on the book would have to be the Mike Grell issues of the
      book followed closely by the Stephen Lightle issues.

      As far as artists go I have loved everything Mike Grell has done from
      the Legion to Warlord, Jon Sable, Shamans Tears and the various other
      issues he has done. ( I wish I had the money to bid on the Warlord art
      he had on Dragonberry's web auction ) I love Mike Kaluta as an artist
      too especially his Shadow work I have two prints of his and was lucky
      enough to get a watercolor of his from Ebay a couple of years ago. My
      all time favorite writer/artist team ups has to be Marv Wolfman /
      George Perez which leads right into my favorite series of ALL TIME
      TEEN TITANS. I have all of their issues from the early Brave and the
      Bold appearances right up to the crappy 50th issue god awful finale
      they just did. I am waiting to see the new cartoon and hope that my
      local cable provider gets cartoon network before they premiere I have
      already missed the last few episodes of the Justice League since I
      moved. I am anxiously waiting on the JLA/Avengers crossover and am
      currently enjoying THE END by Jim Starlin whose work I enjoyed on
      Dreadstar for years.

      I used to collect almost everything published but recently I haev not
      enjoyed many books the writer/artist team has to like what they are
      doing to really make the book worth reading. A prime example of this
      is the current Battle Of The Planets series by Alex Ross you can tell
      he likes what he is doing and the art and story reflect this

      I guess I will always prefer reading a good story as opposed to
      plopping down in front of the TV And letting my mind just accept the
      images there. I guess that is why I collect old radio also I enjoy a
      well told story and if the radio story is done right you cant help but
      be drawn in (anyone remember War Of The Worlds?) I have over 5000 hrs
      of old time radio and love the 10 discs of MP3s of the old Superman
      radio program I have, in fact as I write this I am downloading some
      more old Green Hornet radio shows.

      Well I think I have put in a whole dollars worth of thoughts but I am
      going to grab another cup of coffee and head out to the electronic
      frontier to slay bit bugs and make the comic database a better place
      to explore

      LIVE LONG AND PROSPER ALL (yes I'm a trekker too)

      Arthur Childers
      a.k.a. scottc33@...
      lamont.cranston on ebay and dcomics.com
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