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Complete sets and Mini series for sale

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    Please email me off list with any question. scans of any issue upon request. i can ship USPS, FEDEX, UPS at the buyers choice. Please ask for shipping quotes
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      Please email me off list with any question. scans of any issue upon request. i can ship USPS, FEDEX, UPS at the buyers choice. Please ask for shipping quotes

      Eclipse Comics was an American comic book publisher, one of several independent publishers during the 1980s and
      early 1990s. In 1978, it published the first graphic novel for the newly-created comic book specialty store market. It
      was one of the first to offer royalties and creator ownership of rights, and the first comics company to publish trading

      Eclipse was known for its eclectic mix of titles and products. Many noteworthy creators got their start or did early
      work there, including Chuck Austen, Donna Barr, Dan Brereton, Chuck Dixon, James Hudnall, Scott McCloud, Peter
      Milligan, Tim Truman, and Chris Ware. Veterans published by Eclipse include Steve Englehart, Don McGregor, Gene
      Colan and Mark Evanier.

      The company is known for its role in the publication history of the acclaimed and contested series Miracleman.

      $5 ECLIPSE MONTHLY FS 1-10 1983
      WRITERS: Marshall Rogers, B. C. Boyer, Doug Wildey, Trina Robbins, Steve Ditko, Don McGregor, Christy Marx,
      Mark Evanier, Wendi Lee, Tom & Sandy Saidak, Wayne Truman
      ARTISTS: Marshall Rogers, B. C. Boyer, Doug Wildey, Trina Robbins, Steve Ditko, Gene Colan, Peter Ledger, Mike
      Sekowsky, Billy Graham, Steven Masseroni, Wayne Truman

      All issues in VF+ condition except #6 which is in F+ condition
      1 - Stories of: Cap'n Quick and A Foozle, The Masked Man, Rio, Sax Rohmer's "Dope", Static
      2 - Stories of: Cap'n Quick and A Foozle, The Masked Man, Rio, Sax Rohmer's "Dope", Static
      3 - Stories of: Cap'n Quick and A Foozle, Static, Ragamuffins, The Masked Man, Rio, Sax Rohmer's "Dope"
      4 - Stories of: Cap'n Quick and A Foozle, Ragamuffins, The Masked Man,
      5 - Stories of: The Masked Man, Rio
      6 - Stories of: Carlos McLlyr, Nightingale, The Masked Man
      7 - Stories of: Carlos McLlyr, Nightingale, The Masked Man
      8 - Stories of: Carlos McLlyr, Maina Badge, The Masked Man
      9 - Stories of: Steel, Stealth & Magic, Rio, The Masked Man
      10 - Stories of: "Jetta", The Masked Man, Rio

      $3 LOST PLANET 1-6 MINI 1987
      WRITER: Bo Hampton
      ARTIST: Bo Hampton

      $3 STRIKE 1-6 Vs Sgt Strike 1987
      WRITER: Charles Dixon
      ARTIST: Tom Lyle

      $6 FUSION 1-17 1987
      WRITERS: Steven Barnes, Peter Norwood, Steve Gallacci, Michael Reeves, Brynne Stephens, Axel Shaikman
      ARTISTS: Steve Gallacci, Lela Dowling, Larry Doxin, Joe Pearson, Tim Burgard, Dave Simons, Judy Meadows

      $2 LUGER MINI 1-3 1986
      All issues in VF+ condition
      WRITER: Bruce Jones
      ARTIST: Bo Hampton

      $2 HOTSPUR MINI 1-3 1987
      All issues in VF+ condition
      WRITER: John Ostrandger
      ARTISTS: Karl Waller, Ben Dunn

      $2 ESPERS MINI 1-4 1986
      All issues in VF+ condition
      WRITER: James D Hudnall
      ARTIST: David lloyd

      $5 SABRE FS 1-14 1982
      All issues in VF condition
      WRITER: Don McGregor,
      ARTISTS: Paul Gulacy, Billy Graham, Jose Ortiz,

      Coyote TPB reprints Coyote 1-7 and Scorpio 1-3
      Scorpio Rose 1, 2 first prints
      All issues in VF+ condition
      WRITER: Steve Englehart
      ARTIST: Marshall Rogers

      All issues in VF+ condition
      Prowler mini 1-4 1987
      Revenge Of The prowler 1-4 1988
      White Zombie one shot 1988

      WRITER: Timothy Truman, Michael Price
      ARTIST: John K. Snyder III, Gerald Forton, Graham Nolan

      $4 THE LIBERTY PROJECT FS 1-8 1987
      All issues in VF+ condition
      WRITER: Kurt Busiek,
      ARTISTS: James W. Fry, Richard Howell

      ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++$8 THE FUTURIANS GN 1-3 FS 1983
      all issues are in NM condition
      Marvel Graphic Novel #9 1983
      Issues 1, 2, 3 published by Lodestone Publishing 1985
      WRITER: Dave Cockrum
      ARTIST: Dave Cockrum

      $5 AGE OF HEROES FS SP 1, 2, Issue #5, Special WEX
      Full Set, All issues are in NM condition. Smoke Free home
      WRITER: James D. Hudnall
      ARTISTS: John Ridgway, Angel Fernandez
      Special 1: Image comics, reprints issue #1,2 from Halloween comics
      Special 2: Image comics, reprints issue #3,4 from Halloween comics
      Wex special: Tells the origin of the character Wex

      $5 AVELON FS 1-11 2000
      Full set. All issues are in NM condition. Smoke free home
      WRITERS: Blaine Loyd, MannyVega,
      ARTISTS: Jeff Janovetz, Ricardo Boronat, Manny Vega, Tony Pardo,
      issues 1-5 comprise chapter 1 "The Scrolls Of Dyom" by Drawbridge Studios
      issue 5 is a TPB compriseing chapter 2 "The Way Of The Wyden" by Drawbridge Studios
      issues 6-10 comprise chapter 3 "The Legacy Of Tharin" by Kenzer & Company
      issues 11 is part 1 of chapter 4 "The Heir Of Legacy" by Kenzer & Company

      $400 THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER FS 151-268 1970
      The Unknown Soldier's first appearance in Our Army At War #168 was in a Sgt. Rock story, "I Knew The Unknown
      Soldier!", written by Kanigher and drawn by Kubert. Kubert, who also edited the DC Comics line of war comics at the
      time, decided that the character was interesting enough to be featured in his own series, which began some years later
      in Star Spangled War Stories, running from #151 (June-July 1970) to #204 (February 1977).[1] Eventually, Star
      Spangled War Comics began featuring the Soldier exclusively. With #205 (May 1977), the book changed its title to
      The Unknown Soldier, continuing the numbering and running for another 64 issues, ending with #268 (October 1982).

      The series originally takes place during World War II, and focuses on the missions of an United States intelligence
      agent code-named "The Unknown Soldier," whose head and face are so severely disfigured that he typically has it
      completely wrapped in heavy bandages. Despite this, he is a master of disguise who can assume the identity of almost
      any man using latex masks and make-up. However, his disguises occasionally itch where they meet the scar tissue of
      his face, forcing him to be conscious not to give himself away by scratching. He is also prone to loss of temper at
      enemy atrocities and has been seen to blow his cover in this manner.

      Tons of covers by Jow Kubert DC Comics best war artist.

      Most issues have WWI backup stories of Enemy Ace and The Balloon Buster

      For more information on each issue please goto:

      WRITERS: Bob Haney, Archie Goodwin, Frank Robbins, David Michelinie, Gerry Coway, Robert Kanigher,
      ARTISTS: Joe Kubert, Dan Spiegel, Jack Sparling, Gerry Talaoc, Dick Ayers, Romeo Tanghal

      here is a breakdown of the issues by condition. Scans available of any issues. Any questions please ask
      FINE PLUS - 151, 152, 156, 158, 159, 165, 167, 170, 172, 176, 177, 186, 197, 198, 201, 202, 203, 207, 208, 210,
      219, 223, 235, 239, 240, 242, 243, 244, 246, 247, 249, 250, 251, 252, 258, 260

      FINE - 153, 155, 160, 162, 163, 168, 169, 171, 173, 174, 175, 179, 180, 181, 182, 183, 184, 185, 187, 188, 189, 190,
      191, 192, 193, 194, 195, 196, 199, 204, 205, 206, 209, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 216, 220, 221, 222, 224, 225, 226,
      227, 229, 230, 231, 232, 233, 234, 236, 237, 238, 241, 245, 248, 253, 254, 255, 256, 257, 259, 261, 262, 263, 264,
      265, 266, 267, 268

      FINE MINUS - 154, 161, 164, 178

      VERY GOOD - 157, 200, 217, 228

      GOOD PLUS - 166, 218

      151 - 1ST Unknown Soldier story
      154 - Origin of The Unknown Soldier
      157 - guest stars Sgt Rock
      177 - Telltale scratch reveled
      205 - Title becomes Unknown Soldier
      268 - Unknown Soldier kills Hitler and ends War World 2
      TPB 1998 reprint of the 1997 4 issue series by Vertigo. This brings the Unknown Soldier into the present day. By
      WRITER:Garth Ennis and ARTISTt: Kilian Plunkett

      $13 LEGENDS OF THE DC UNIVERSE 1998 1-41, 80 page #1,2 special 1, 2
      all issues in VF+ to NM condition.
      WRITERS: James Robinson, William Messner-Loebs, Kevin Puckett, Dennis O'neil, Kelly Puckett, Christopher
      Priest, Mark Evanier, Michael Jan Friedman, Marv Wolfman, Jason Hernandez-Rosenblatt, Steven Grant, Randy
      Lofficer, Jean-Marc Lofficer, Jamie Delano, Steve Englehart, Christopher Priest, J.M. DeMatteis, Danny Fingeroth,
      Todd Dezago, Rick Faber, John Moore, Peter David, James Robinson, Andrew Helfer, Dan Jurgens, Karl Kesel,
      Geoff Johns, Ben Raab, Dan Johnson, Tom Peyer, Scott Kolins, Walter Simonson, Paul Levitz, Stuart Immonen

      ARTISTS: Val Semeiks, Mike Deodato Jr, Dave Taylor, Kevin Nowlan, Greg Land, Terry Dodson, Ken Lashley,
      Steve Rude, Richard Case, Butch Guice, Pop Mahn, Mike Zeck, J.O. Jadronn, Steve Pugh, Trevor Von Eeden, Gil
      Kane, Klaus Janson, Karl Waller, Michael Zulli, Scot Kolins, Randy Green, Drew Johnson, Paul Ryan, Paul Guiana,
      Steve Ditko, Dave Gibbons, Sal Buscema, Bob McLeod, George Perez, Todd Nauck, Arthur Adams, Eduardo Barreto,
      Justiniano, Phil Winslade, Bob Layton, George Freeman

      1, 2, 3 - Superman
      4, 5 - Wonder Woman
      6 - Robin & Superman
      7, 9 - Green Lantern & Green Arow
      10, 11 - Batgirl
      12, 13 - JLA
      14 - Superman & The Guardian
      15, 16, 17 - The Flash
      18 - Teen Titans
      19 - Impluse
      20, 21 - Abin Sur Green Lantern
      22, 23 - Superman
      24, 25 - Darkseid
      26, 27 - Aquaman
      28, 29 - Green Lantern & The Atom
      30, 31, 32 - Wonder Woman
      33, 34, 35, 36 - The Spectre (Hal Jordan)
      37, 38 - Green Lantern (Kyle Ranyer)
      39 - Superman
      40, 41 - The Atom
      3-D #1 various heroes in 3-D art
      Crises On Infinite Earths Special 1
      80 Page Giant 1 - The Spectre, The Teen Titans, Hawkman, Adam Strange, The Doom Patrol, Rip hunter
      80 Page Giant 2 - Deadman, Wonder Woman, Challengers Of The Unknown, Beast Boy, The Metal Men

      $20 CLAW THE UNCONQUERED 1975 1-12
      1975 run all in F+ to VF- condition
      WRITER: David Michelinie,
      ARTISTS: Ernie Chua, Pat Boyette, Keith Giffen, Ricardo Villagran, Bob Layton, John Celardo, Joe Kubert (covers)
      2006 Red Sonja And Claw #1-4 full mini series by Dynamite Entertainment. All in VF+ to NM condition.
      WRITER: John Layman
      ARTIST: Andy Smith
      2006 Claw The unconquered #1-6 full Mini series by Wildstorm.All in VF+ to NM condition.
      WRITER: Chuck Dixon
      ARTIST: Andy Smith

      $3 POWERLINE: A SHADOWLINE SAGA 1-8 fs 1988
      WRITERS: D. G. Chichester, Margaret Clark, Howard Mackie
      ARTISTS: David Ross, Gray Morrow, Mike Manley

      In 1985–1986, DC published New Talent Showcase, which ran for 15 issues, briefly changed its title to Talent
      Showcase, and then ended with issue #19. For the most part edited by Karen Berger (and for a short time by Sal
      Amendola), the series gave new writers and artists the chance to get their "feet wet" in the comics industry. Notable
      creators who made their DC debuts with New Talent Showcase include Mark Beachum, Norm Breyfogle, Tom
      Grindberg, Steve Lightle, Mindy Newell, and Stan Woch.

      all ISSUES in F+ to VF except #7 which is VG+

      1993 - 4 ISSUE MINI
      1993 2 issue Way Of The Warrior Mini
      WRITER: Peter Quinones
      ARTIST: Ron Lim

      $3 MONKEYMAN AND O'BREIN 1-3 MINI 1996 dark horse
      WRITER: Arthur Adams
      ARTIST: Arthur Adams

      WRITER: Phil Amara
      ARTIST: Guy Davis

      $3 MARVEL UNIVERSE 1-7
      WRITERS: Roger Stern,
      ARTISTS: Steve Epting, Mike Manley, Bret Blevins, Jason Armstrong
      1-3 the Invaders vs Baron Von Strucker and hydra
      4-7 The Monster Hunters: Dr Druid, Bloodstone

      $6 WILDGUARD FS 1998
      All comics are in VF+ to NM condition.
      Casting Call complete mini series #1-6 published 2003
      Fire Power One shot Published 2004
      Fools Gold Complete mini series #1-2 published 2005
      Wildguard Insider complete mini series #1-3 published 2008

      WRITERS: Todd Nauck
      ARTISTS: Todd Nauck, Jeremy Dale, Sanford Greene, Steven Sanchez, Justin Peterson, Ray Anthony height, Joey
      Mason, Erik Reeves, Tracie Mauk

      $1 IRONWOLF 1986
      VF+ to Nm condition. Reprints the complete ironwolf stories from weird worlds 8-10
      WRITER: Denny O'Neil
      ARTIST: Howard Chaykin

      issues in VF minus condition
      1984 magazine comic based on the books by Robert Lynn Aspin who plotted the comics adaptation.
      D'Arc Tangent - 1982 magazine comics published by Ffantasy Ffactory in
      WRITER: Phil Foglio
      ARTIST: Phil Foglio

      $5 DREDD RULES 1-11
      published by S.Q.P. inc
      all issues in VF+ to NM
      WRITERS: Alan Grant, John Wager
      ARTISTS: John Ridgeay, Tim Perkins, Chris Weston, Walt Simpson, Vanyo, Laim Sharp, Colin MacNeil, John
      Higgins, Carlos Ezqerra, Mick Austin, Simon Bisley, Jeff Anderson, Steve Yeowell

      $1 ` THE TWELVE ½
      VF+ to NM condition
      Reprints the following stories
      Fiery Mask from Daring Mystery Comics #1 jan 1940
      Mr. E from Human Torch #2 Fall 1940
      Rockman from U.S.A. Comics #2 Nov 1941
      Rockman from U.S.A. Comics #3 Jan 1942
      WRITERS: Joe Simon, Basil Wolverton, Charles Nicholas
      ARTISTS: Joe Simon, Basil Wolverton, Charles Nicholas

      #1 - 1997 by Event Comics
      #1, 2 - 2000 relaunch by Image Comics. Reprints #1 by Event with 16 new pages of art and story.
      WRITER: George Perez
      ARTIST: George Perez

      $3 THE LIBERATOR 1-6 FS 1987
      all issues VF+ condition
      WRITER: Paul Ryan O'Connor
      ARTISTS: Jim Chadwick, Butch burcham

      $2 CONJURORS MINI 1-3 1999
      WRITER: Chuck Dixon
      ARTIST: Eduardo Barreto

      $2 THE TRENCHCOAT BIRGADE mini 1-4 1999
      Mister E, The Phantom Stranger, Dr Occult, John Constaine
      WRITER: John Ney Rieber
      ARTIST: John Ridgeway

      $3 L. A. W. Living Assault Weapons. Mini 1-6 1999
      Blue Beetle, Captain Atom. Judomaster, Nighshade, Peacemaker, The Question,
      WRITER: Bob Layton
      ARTIST: Dick Giordano

      $2 S.T.A.R. Corps Mini 1-4 1993
      WRITER: Dan Vado
      ARTIST: Norman Felchle

      $3 HUMAN DEFENSE CORPS mini 1-6 2003
      WRITER: Ty Templeton
      ARTIST: Clement Sauve Jr

      $2 METAMORPHO: BAD CHEMISTRY mini 1-4 1993
      WRITER: Mark Waid
      ARTIST: Graham Nolan

      $2 PEACEMAKER MINI 1-4 1987
      WRITER: Paul Kuppenburg
      ARTIST: Tod Smith

      $20 AMERICAN FLAGG 1-50, SP 1, 1,2 1983
      1986 special
      1 & 2 of the 1988 relaunch
      WRITERS: Howard Chaykin, Alan Moore, Steven Grant, J. M. De Matteis, Mindy Newell
      ARTISTS: Howard Chaykin, James Sherman, Rick Burchett, Pat Broderick, Don Lomax, Joe Staton, Mark Badger,
      Randy Emberlin, Paul Smith, Mike Vosberg, Richard Ory, Tony Van De Walle, John Moore

      $4 THE ETERNALS 1-12, GS 1 MINI 1986
      The complete 12 issue 1985 mini series. This is the dreaming celestial and rise of the priest Ghaur storyline.
      Giant-Sized #1 from 1991 introduces the children of Kro and Thena

      WRITERS: Peter B, Gillis, Walter Simonson, Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
      ARTISTS: Sal Buscema, Keith Pollard, Paul Ryan, Mark Texeira

      all issues are in VF+ to NM condition

      1996 2 issue mini. Iron Fist battles Steel Serpent for the power of the Iron Fist
      1998 3 issue mini. Iron Fist battles Scorpio
      2000 Iron Fist & Wolverine 4 issue mini. The Return Of K'un Lun

      WRITERS: James Felder, Dan Jurgens, Jay Frerber
      ARTISTS: Robert Brown, Jackson Guice, Scott Koblish, Jamal Igle

      $6 STALKER 1-4 FS 1975
      all issues are in F-F+ condition
      #1 First appearance and Origin of Stalker
      WRITER: Paul Levitz
      ARTISTS: Steve Ditko, Wally Wood

      $6 ZORRO 0-11 FS 1993 TOPPS COMICS
      All issues are in VF+ to NM condition, All are first prints unless noted
      #3 first appearance of Lady Rawhide
      #4-8 reprinted in the TPD Zorro's Renegades
      WRITER: Don McGregor
      ARTIST: Mike Mayhew, Hern Cho, Vince Russell,

      DRACULA VS ZORRO 1-2 1998 Image
      All issues are in VF+ to NM condition, All are first prints
      WRITER: Don McGregor
      ARTIST: Tom Yeates

      All issues are in VF+ to NM condition, All are first prints
      TPB reprinting the first 6 issues of the 2007 title by Dynamite. Written byBrett Matthews, Drawn by Sergio Cariello.
      Complete set of the 4 issue 1994 mini series by Topps Comics. Writtenby Joe R. Lansdael, drawn by Timothy W.

      $6 JUSTICE INC 1-4 FS 1975
      all are in fine + condition
      WRITERS:Denny O'Neil
      ARTISTS: Al Williamson, Jack Kirby, Mike Royer, Joe Kubert

      $20 DC SUPER-STARS 1-18 FS 1976
      WRITERS: Bob Haney, Jim Shooter, Gardner Fox, John Broome, Otto Binder, Steve Skeates, Curt Swan, Don
      Cameron, Bill Finger, Bob Rozakis, Sergio Aragones, Cary Bates, Edmond Hamilton, Len Wein, Bob Rozakis, Jack
      C. Harris, Paul Kupperberg, Robert Kanigher, David Michelinie, Dennis J. O'Neil, Paul Levitz, Gerry Conway
      ARTISTS: Nick Cardy, Gil Kane, Curt Swan, George Klein, Carmine Infantino, Murphy Anderson, Jim Mooney, Joe
      Giella, Rico Rival, Sid Greene, Bernard Sachs, Bob Brown, Ruben Moreira, Ross Andru, Mike Esposito, Frank
      Giacoia, Dick Dillin, Sergio Aragones, John Siekla, Gary Morrow, Rich Buckler, Ed Davis, Dick Ayers, Lee Elias,
      Don Newton, Mike Grell, Juan Ortiz, Joe Staton, Martin Pasko

      1 - Fine condition - Reprints stories of the original Teen Titans (Teen Titans #11 from 1967 and #24 from 1969)
      2 - Fine condition - Reprints stories of The Atomic Knights (origin story from Strange Adventures #117), Knights Of
      The Galaxy(from Mystery In Space #7) and Adam Strange and Hawkman Team-up (Mystery In Space #90 from
      3 - Fine Minus condition - Reprints the Superman and the adult Legion Of Superheroes (Adventure Comics #354 &
      355 from 1967)
      4 - Fine condition - Reprints stories of Adam Strange (Mystery In Space #91 from 1964), Captain Comet (Strange
      Adventures #14 from 1952) and Space Ranger (Tales Of The unexpected #45 from 1960)
      5 - Fine condition - Reprints stories of the Golden age Flash (All-Flash #22 from 1946), Kid Flash (Flash #118 from
      1961) and the Silver age Flash (Flash #157 from 1965)
      6 - Fine Minus condition - Reprints stories of Adam Strange (Mystery In Space #88 from 1963), Captain Comet
      (Strange Adventures #17 from 1952), Tommy Tomorrow (World's Finest #113 from 1960) and Space Cabby
      (Mystery In Space #54 from 1955)
      7 - Fine Plus condition - Reprints stories of Aquaman (Aquaman #35) and Aqualad (Teen Titans #30)
      8 - Fine condition - Reprints stories of Adam Strange (Mystery In Space #89 from 1964), The Star Rovers (Mystery In
      Space #80 from 1962) and Space Ranger (first story premiering in Showcase #15 from 1958)
      9 - Fine condition - Reprints stories of Superman (Superman #144), The Nighthawk (western Comics #42), also the
      stories "The Unsinkable Gun" (Our Fighting Forces #19), "The Sightless Sharpshooter"(Gang busters #47), "The
      Secret Story Of Ray-Gun 64" (Mystery In Space #5 from 1951)
      10 - Fine condition - Reprints Strange Sports stories featuring Silver Age Green Lantern (Green Lantern #39), and the
      story "The Super-Athletes From Outer Space" (Strange Adventures #59), New story The Superheroes vs Supervillians
      baseball game,
      11 - Fine condition - Reprints stories of Zatanna (Adventure Comics #413), Silver Age Flash (Flash #128)
      12 - Fine condition - New Superboy story and a reprint from Adventure Comics #240
      13 - Fine Condition - 4 original stories by Sergio Aragones
      14 - Fine condition - New stories of Green Lantern, Two Face and Hawkman
      15 - Fine condition - New story of Sgt Rock, Mademoiselle Marie and The Unknown Soldier
      16 - Fine condition - New story of The Star hunters
      17 - Fine condition - New origin stories of Green Arrow, The Legion Of Superheroes, The Huntress
      18 - Fine Plus condition - New story with Deadman and The Phantom Stranger

      $2 THE BUTCHER 1-5 90
      WRITER: Mike Baron
      ARTISTS: Shea Anton Pensa

      $5 EPIC SETS
      The Light And Darkness Wars 1-6 mini 1988 F+
      Zero Tolerance
      Spyke 1-4 Epic Heavy Hitters 1993
      Law Dog 1-9, Law Dog & Grimrod Epic Heavy Hitters 1993
      Untamed 1-3 Epic Heavy Hitters
      WRITERS: Tom Veitch, Mike Baron, Neil Hansen, Chuck Dixon
      ARTISTS: Cam Kennedy, Bill Reinhold, Neil Hansen, Flint Henry, Hoang Ngyuen

      The New Mutants Annual 7 (part 1)
      The New Warriors Annual 1 (part 2)
      The Uncanny X-men Annual 15 (part 3)
      X-Factor Annual 6 (part 4)
      WRITER: Fabian Nicieza,
      ARTISTS: Guang Yap, Mark Bagley, Tom Raney, Terry Shoemaker

      The Amazing Spider-Man Annual 26 (part 1)
      The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 12 (part 2)
      Web Of Spider-Man Annual 8 (part 3)
      The New Warriors Annual 2 (part 4)
      WRITERS: David Micheline, Fabian Nicieza
      ARTISTS: Scott Mc Daniel, Brandon Peterson

      $8 WONDER MAN one shot, 1-29, A2
      1 - 1986 one shot
      WRITER: David Michelinie
      ARTIST: Kerry Gammill
      vol 1
      WRITERS: Gerard Jones, Dan Slott, Barry Dutter
      ARTISTS: Jeff Johnson, Mike Parobeck, Gordon Purcell, Tim Hamilton, Pat Brosserli, Ron Randall, Stephen Jones
      7 Operation Galactic Storm part 4
      8 Operation Galactic Storm part 11
      9 Operation Galactic Storm part 18
      13 Infinity War crossover
      14 Infinity War crossover
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