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Selling & Trading off my single issues 50% off

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  • amacher_99
    So I m finally moved in. And I ve decided I don t have the time anymore to search for the back issues to series and instead will just be going for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2010
      So I'm finally moved in. And I've decided I don't have the time anymore to search for the back issues to series and instead will just be going for the collected editions of the books. I'm working full time, working on a couple of websites, might be 3 shortly and working on some other projects for people. And I've just put up some bookcases so I can have that as my dedicated comic location.


      there's over 1000 issues.

      If you see anything on the site you're interested but still don't want to pay the 50% I will listen to offers, it might be a couple of week's before I give you a final answer.

      As for trades here's an idea of some of the stuff I'm looking for:
      Star Wars: I have a lot and I'm thinking I'm missing a lot, also looking for the hardback UK annuals (I have the one with the Ewoks on the cover); also looking for the old marvel paperback and the new digest size like Clone War Adv.
      Walt Disney Giant Album: this was a 8 book hard back series by gold key I have #7 and I should be getting 1-3 from ebay shortly
      Marvel and DC Omnibuses I have some Marvel no DC
      DC Absolutes
      DC and Dark Horse Archives only have a couple of each.
      EC Archives I think they only made 13 or 14 I have 11 the only 2 I know I'm missing is Weird Science 3 and Frontline not sure if I'm missing any others. And the library editions that didn't have a archive release later.
      If you're looking to sell any of the above please let me know
      Various ones of X-Men, Batman and Fantastic Four

      In cards the only thing I'm looking for is Star Wars prefer complete sets, unopened boxes or maybe unopened packs or depending on the trade if you have several random Star Wars in great shape. Also looking for card binders that are Star Wars
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