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TRDL R3 Jam This Week: Sage

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  • TRDL - Thom
    Artists, Viewers, both: Third Rail Design Lab s R3 Forum s current R3 Illustration Jam subject is: Sage This week s jam selection is Sage, also known as Tessa,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2010

      Artists, Viewers, both:

      Third Rail Design Lab's R3 Forum's current R3 Illustration Jam subject is: Sage

      This week's jam selection is Sage, also known as Tessa, assistant to Sebastian Shaw, Black King of the Hellfire Club back in the day, now an X-Men member of considerable retconnery.

      If you haven't tried your hand at an art jam, now's a great time to start...a lot of the art jam lists have faded out, but we're still cookin.

      Have fun!

      The jam thread is here:

      Last week's jam was the Blob, from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Also remains open indefinitely...

      You can always see the jam character selection of the week on the TRDL R3 Forum at the link below, or on the TRDL blog ( http://www.thirdraildesignlab.com/blog ) or on the TRDL Page on Facebook ( www.facebook.com/pages/Third-Rail-Design-Lab/214152980778 )

      Recent previous jams, which remain open, include: HERBIE, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Redheads, Golden Characters, New Years Eve Celebrations, the Thing, Dr. Who, the Vlad Fiks Memorial Noir Jam, and the Baroness...and several hundred more, actually.

      Third Rail Design Lab
      Location: the R3 Illustration Jam lives on R3, the TRDL message board.
      The board is located here: http://www.thirdraildesignlab.com/forum
      The Jams are located here: http://www.thirdraildesignlab.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=27
      All jams are viewable, as is the majority of the forum and the TRDL site itself, as an unregistered guest. However to participate, one must be a member of the R3 Forum, which is as easy as a Registration link. Do email me that you're waiting for approval, if you aren't greenlit in a day or so. 
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