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120151st Swamp Thing + Large Bernie Wrightson Autographed Book Lot, A Look Back, HOM, HOS 92, etc. $500.00

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  • Kevin Warzecha
    Jan 28, 2014
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      Someone emailed me and asked I add some more stuff, so - besides the old stuff, I'm also adding:
      A NICE mid-grade House of Secrets #92. A 2nd autographed Creatures on the Loose #10, Swamp Thing #9 Autographed, Swamp Thing #10, and CGC 7.5 VF- Swamp Thing #3. 
      + everything listed below:
      Hey Group, here's my deal for the day - Just dug out a large box of Wrightson related odds and ends. Even after someone buys this, I'll continue to add to it till it ships. I know I have some more early stuff and some Swamp Thing odds and ends. So, US $500.00 Shipped via well secured Media Mail. International is EXACT Ship plus $500. You pay the $500.00 now for International, and I invoice you the remainder after it ships.
      Berni Wrightson Autographed on Cover - 1991 A Look Back.
      Deja-Vu #1 (Wrightson Cover)
      Cartoon And Illustrators Portfolio Volume #2 (Wrightson Cover)
      Tower of Shadows #9 (Wrightson Cover) Autographed
      Chamber of Darkness #8 (Wrightson Cover) Autographed
      Creatures on the Loose #10 - King Kull (Wrightson Cover) Autographed
      House of Secrets: #106 (Wrightson Cover),
      House of Mystery: #176, #178, #179 - 1st Wrightson work, #181 (10 page Wrightson story inside), #188 (8 page Wrightson story), #211 (Wrightson Cover + interior art), #213 (Wrightson Cover), #214 (Wrightson Cover), #215 High Grade, #222, #239 High Grade, #258 High Grade.
      Thanks much,
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