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11857Hannes Bok Lot & anyone have a complete Ultron appearance list?

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  • Kevin Warzecha
    Aug 29, 2013
      Hey Group,
      Sequitur and non.
      The last round of auctions tanked. So, on a completely different track, I've got a small collection of very rare Bok books and a handful of sketches, $500.00 for the lot. Email if interested.
      A. Merritt - The Black Wheel, other books, 4 X 6 Bok art, including  screwtop, etc, etc.
      And as well, I've got boxes of unread, long runs of books, from the 1980's, including Iron Man. Apparently - Avengers 54 & 55 are the closest thing to celebrity status in the comic book world today, so I was wondering if anyone in the group has a complete Ultron appearances list.
      Thanks much,