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11Japanese Comics for Sale!!!!

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  • Chiriko Hoshino
    Dec 1, 2001
      I had some comics for sale! Please refer to the
      following list!


      Original (Taiwan version)
      1)MVP Lover(7 books in total, original taiwan version)
      2)Coloured version of Clamp School Detectives(1st
      3)Cupid's arrow (by Arisawa Ryo, original taiwan
      4)White Christmas (by Matsubara Chinami, original
      taiwan version)
      5)Needle of love(by Hasebe Yuri, original taiwan
      6)1st love(by Yukako Midori, original taiwan version)
      7)BB Paradise(2 books)
      8)Legend of chun xiang(by Clamp)
      9)King of 3 on 3(2 books)

      Chuangyi or singapore version
      1)Sailormoon + SailorV whole set(Total 21 books)
      2)GundamW(1 book finish version)
      3)Tian Di Nan er (5 books altogether)

      Cardcaptor Photos (10 in total)

      All of the above comics are in chinese originally and
      the english name is translated by me. If you need the
      original chinese name of the comics or a short review
      of any of the above comics, please email me personally
      about it. All prices are in singapore dollars! I live
      in Singapore. Please direct all your email to
      Samantha_Aino@... as I think I might miss out
      your email. For overseas trade, I also accept cheques
      but I will only send the things over once I had
      receive the money, so if you could trust me on the
      things, I accept overseas trade too but the price
      above doesn't include postage. If you live in
      singapore, I could pass the things to you. I think
      that is all, thanks for young attention!
      Best regards,

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