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22986Re: [comets-ml] RE: ISON Dec 13, negative to mag 18

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  • Alan Hale
    Dec 15 9:17 AM
      Hello everyone,

      Follow-up on yesterday's "report:"

      There was only a sliver of dark time this morning, but the sky conditions were very good, and during that time I attempted to repeat yesterday's "observation." I was unable do that; although I could "manufacture" a haziness if I tried hard enough, in all honesty the sky in and around ISON's ephemeris position this morning was about as "clean" as anywhere else (including the location which seemed "hazy" yesterday morning). So, with that, and also in the apparent absence of any independent confirmation, I must conclude that what I saw yesterday was, as I suspected, some combination of imagination and wishful thinking.

      As an aside, while examining some of the DSS fields in the area I came across something rather interesting. If you'll examine the fields for the location 16h12m  +8d 39' you'll see a very nice comet on both the red and blue images of the original sky survey. This is Comet Minkowski C/1950 K1 (old style 1950b = 1951 I).


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