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16090Re: 29P and C/2009 U6

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  • ohmegacentauri
    Nov 1 4:24 PM
      Hi all.

      The morning Francois Kugel posted the photo of 81P/29P, I also saw the star trail to the right of 29P and dismissed it as an asteroid with a coincidental cluster of brighter "pixels" off to its right.

      So, is it correct that if ANY OF US had brought the object to the attention of "Comets Mailing List" / CBAT as being comet-like just before LINEAR, the object would have been named C/2009 U6 Kugel?

      I had tried to spot 81P last week with a 14" SCT, but its surface brightness was too low to see in the light polluted skies of western New Jersey. Once the moon leaves the morning sky, I should be able to pick it up, making it my 158th comet and 182th comet apparition.

      John Lowe
      Flemington, NJ

      --- In comets-ml@yahoogroups.com, "Mr Wyatt" <carlec@...> wrote:
      > Thanks for your insight guys!
      > It's a shame that there's so much conjecture regarding naming of comets
      > discovered through media other than the discoverers own.
      > I think all of us here would like to have a comet named after us, even
      > though many already do, and it's just reward for the many hours of patience
      > and perseverance.
      > It's part of the reason why we all do it i guess!
      > In the meantime i'll just keep looking and observing and perhaps someday
      > i'll find something!
      > I hope to get to 81P soon, as it will be my 50th observed comet, should i
      > find it ;-)
      > I can only imagine how alan must feel who isn't too far away from his 500th!
      > I hope one day i can reach that far......
      > Cheers!
      > Chris Wyatt
      > Walcha, NSW
      > Australia
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