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16089RE: [comets-ml] 29P and C/2009 U6

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  • Mr Wyatt
    Nov 1 1:29 PM
      Thanks for your insight guys!
      It's a shame that there's so much conjecture regarding naming of comets
      discovered through media other than the discoverers own.
      I think all of us here would like to have a comet named after us, even
      though many already do, and it's just reward for the many hours of patience
      and perseverance.
      It's part of the reason why we all do it i guess!

      In the meantime i'll just keep looking and observing and perhaps someday
      i'll find something!
      I hope to get to 81P soon, as it will be my 50th observed comet, should i
      find it ;-)
      I can only imagine how alan must feel who isn't too far away from his 500th!
      I hope one day i can reach that far......

      Chris Wyatt
      Walcha, NSW
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      Oh yes I forgot ..and there are a few others too:)
      Please forgive me..they escaped my memory..

      Yes I am all for giving credit to folks who actually discover..

      Yes SOHO did take the photo...but none of them..the SOHO folks made the
      discovery themselves!

      And I am most assured that any one of the members of IAU would want their
      name publicized if they had discovered something...

      It's only fair!

      At any rate...

      When one method of organization becomes so complex, it's time to make some

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