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co-working's great game

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  • Chris Macrae
    Hi I just wanted to plug an idea Bernie DeKoven introduced me and com-pracs to a couple of weeks ago, now I ve played with it a bit. Its a great game, and one
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2001

      I just wanted to plug an idea Bernie DeKoven introduced me and com-pracs to
      a couple of weeks ago, now I've played with it a bit. Its a great game, and
      one I suggest that could enable you to build a CoP or great conversation
      around any theme you campaign on , related to the co-working movement ( or
      cluetrain or any great human internetworking cause)

      My seconding of Bernie: if you have half an hour go play at:

      I'm sure he can correct me if I err. But below a flavour of what you can do
      in half an hour... Chris Macrae

      There's a competition to develop one of the top 10 slogans amd signatories
      for the coworking movement which will then be press released to the real

      My attempt at a slogan to get in top 10 is. Observation 274:
      "Meaningful new ways for people to network form the essence of the
      internet,and of every new economy business model worth investing in"
      Chris Macrae , Charterer, World Class Branding Network
      and Norman Macrae, Futurist (whose work at The Economist helped coin the
      idea of the New Economy, eg in his ? Report - a concise future history"
      written in 1984 as a goodbye to Orwell)
      Macraes' contact email wcbn007@...

      There have been (for me) great communal conversations circling out from this
      theme such as this extract:
      One interesting, and poweful, factor at work here is the ability of Internet
      and related resources to get through barriers between and within

      Employees are no longer captives of organizational information sources. In
      addition, they can share learning and experiences with others facing similar

      Alliances can now be formed around the globe by those who deal in similar
      functions or have similar outlooks.

      Of course this means that individuals can contribute more to the
      organization to which they belong by finding new approaches and solutions.
      But it also means that employeees have more power to work on individual
      goals as well as organizational ones.

      As the authors note, the "political" ramifications of these facts will be
      very great

      This is a central observation, worthy of a separate entry all together. I
      read so much about people using the Internet to circumvent the internal IT

      Some questions this leads to: are organizations responding to this new
      reality? is it bringing about positive change or are organizations trying to
      sabotage this? what about reward systems? are they beginning to acknowledge
      (fund, promote) these employee-initiatied alliances?

      The tool does not confine you to conversation. You can for example enumerate
      research projects you (would like to do) connecting your communal
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