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Strategic Communication Roadmap

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    Strategic Communication Roadmap A Best Practice Toolkit 6 - 7 June 2012 Melbourne Download Brochure
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      Strategic Communication Roadmap
      A Best Practice Toolkit
      6 - 7 June 2012

      Download Brochure

      Feedback from Lorri Lennon's past workshops:

      The practicality of this course was outstanding. Lorri's roadmap was about the strategic approach to communications and how to map out this strategy to improve performance - which was made very clear"
      -Workers Compensation Commission-

      `Lorri was fantastic! I feel motivated + empowered after the past 2 days. Thank you'
      - Vodafone-

      `This course has relevance to all business areas not just people in communications. Really helped me to feel confident communicating organisational strategies'
      - Workcover NSW-

      "Enjoyed the practical experience and application to theory" - Department of Educationand Training NSW
      "Highly relevant"
      - APRA-

      "Loved it - thanks so much" - Department of Human Services

      "Delivery style - applying principles to case study to build knowledge of the tools. The materials were well thought-out and put together" - NIB Health Funds

      "The evidence based best practice principles were excellent" - Alpine Health-

      "Thoughtful presentation. Enjoyed the speed and idea's"
      - Western Region Health Centre-

      "Enjoyed the research and stats to support the theory"
      - Commonwealth Bank-

      About Lorri Lennon:

      Lorri Lennon ABC is an award-winning advisor, trainer and author. She is Director of the Centre for Leadership Communication, which specialises in delivering innovative communication solutions to achieve quantifiable improvements in organisational performance.

      This best practice toolkit distils 27 years of Lorri's experience managing communications for organisations in Australia, South Africa and the Middle East. She is former Head of Group Internal Communication with Westpac Banking Corporation. During five-and-a-half years at Westpac, Lorri established a successful in-house communication consultancy based on fee-for-service principles. Within two years the consultancy had grown from one to 60 people in response to the demand for its services. The consultancy delivered measurable improvements in the bank's performance across key business indicators.

      Lorri is accredited by the US-based International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), which sets the global standard for best-practice communication. A three-times winner of the IABC Gold Quill Excellence Awards, Lorri is an experienced presenter and workshop facilitator with an `IABC-recommended' listing on the IABC's International Speakers Bureau. She has presented across the globe including Malaysia, Singapore, USA, South Africa, New Zealand and, of course, her native Australia.

      Lorri is author of Tactics in a Box: 101 ways to communicate with employees.

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