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  • Fred Nickols
    Good questions and good observations, Asif. I especially like your observation that Smart might lose his access to the raw data and I think that probably
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 3, 2010
      Good questions and good observations, Asif. I especially like your observation that Smart might lose his access to the raw data and I think that probably happens to many people like Smart. However, in Smart's case, he didn't lose them; he maintained his connections to the troops, despite pressure to transfer his allegiance to those seated at the table. Eventually, that cost him. He got crosswise with a new CEO and was shown the door. However, he soon found himself seated at the table in another organization where his ties to the troops were in fact what got him that seat and kept him there. In that organization, the folks seated at the table did what you suggest; they broadened their perspective to accommodate the view from below. Ah, but alas, key players do change and once again Smart lost his seat at the table. Along came a buy-out and Smart took the money and left. Nowadays he putters around, doing a little of this and a little of that, writing blog posts and an occasional article or two.

      As for your comment about all that being an opportunity for a CoP, it might well have been the case.

      Thanks for the questions and comments...

      Fred Nickols

      --- In com-prac@yahoogroups.com, Asif Devji <asif.devji@...> wrote:
      > Hi Fred,
      > Found your latest piece 'The Specialist's Dilemma' good reading -- really
      > resonated & made me think. I particularly liked the 'questions to ask yourself
      > if you want a seat at the table'.
      > I had a couple of responses:
      > Smart, the trainer in your hypothetical, can provide insightful business advice
      > because of rather than in spite of his position as a trainer (experience
      > training individuals in organizational systems plus his ear-to-the-ground as he
      > works with employees from various departments in the org).
      > This is a perspective that the managers & execs sitting at the table are
      > lacking -- which is why they turn to Smart for advice.
      > To me, Smart is basically a connector (or a node) -- his tasks allow him access
      > to several organizational systems (or, several organizational systems flow
      > through him).
      > If he were to drift away from training towards management, he would lose his
      > specialization, as you say, but he would also lose access to the raw data that
      > shapes his unique perspective.
      > So while it will certainly be useful for Smart to cultivate his big-table
      > manners, isn't it as necessary for the table (culture) itself to broaden to
      > include the useful perspective of a 'trainer'?
      > This is a context in which organizational roles (including that of 'manager')
      > are expanding & blurring -- how can the organization leverage this?
      > Would we suggest bringing a CoP into this context? And if so, how would that be
      > done?
      > Thanks,
      > Asif
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      > From: Fred Nickols <fred@...>
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      > Sent: Fri, August 27, 2010 5:52:16 AM
      > Subject: [cp] A Notifications List
      > As most of you know, I maintain an articles web site with close to 100 free
      > articles pertaining to training, OD, management, strategy, etc. I add to the
      > site regularly and generally let people know via a broadcast email. I'm adding
      > a notifications list. This will consist of people who would like to be notified
      > directly via email whenever I put up a new or significantly revised article.
      > This list will NOT be used for marketing, it will not be made public and it will
      > not be sold. And you can opt out whenever you like.
      > So, if you'd like to receive a direct notification whenever I put up a new
      > article, send me an email asking me to add you and I will. Or, the next time
      > you visit my web site, you can use the comments feature to add your name and
      > email address to the notifications list.
      > Fred Nickols
      > fred@...
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