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KM Job Opportunity: Director, Sharing and Communities of Practice

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  • John D. Smith
    This is forwarded from another list where Sue Hanley posted it.... John * * John D. Smith ~ Voice: 503.963.8229 ~ Skype: smithjd * Portland, Oregon, USA
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2009
      This is forwarded from another list where Sue Hanley posted it....

      * John D. Smith ~ Voice: 503.963.8229 ~ Skype: smithjd
      * Portland, Oregon, USA http://www.learningAlliances.net
      * “Your responsibility does not end with complaining. Suggest something
      better!” — Esther Dyson

      The job is fulltime and the location is in SF, NY, or Chicago. If you know
      anyone who could be a fit, please have them reach out to Sarah Grayson at
      <mailto:sarah@....> sarah@....

      Director, Sharing and Communities of Practice

      Organization Overview:

      Who we are.

      KIPP is a national network of free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory
      public schools with a track record of preparing students in underserved
      communities for success in college and in life. There are currently 66 KIPP
      schools in 19 states and the District of Columbia serving over 16,000
      students. Eighty percent of our students are low-income, and more than 90
      percent are African American or Latino.

      What we do.

      KIPP builds a partnership among parents, students, and teachers that puts
      learning first. By providing outstanding educators, more time in school
      learning, and a strong culture of achievement, we are focused on helping all
      of our students climb the mountain to college. And through a strategic,
      regional growth plan, KIPP plans to expand our network to 100 schools
      serving 25,000+ students by 2011—impacting the educational outcomes of more
      students in more underserved communities throughout the country.

      Why it matters.

      Every day, KIPP students across the nation are proving that demography does
      not define destiny. Nationally, more than 80 percent of alumni from the
      original KIPP Academies have gone on to college. In 2007, 95 percent of our
      alumni matriculated to college-preparatory high schools—and have earned more
      than $25 million in scholarships and financial aid since 2000.

      As we continue to achieve results in our growing network of schools, KIPP is
      redefining the notion of what is possible in public education. We are
      committed to sharing all that we learn in an effort to inspire other
      communities to consider the approach that has made KIPP schools successful.

      Role Overview:

      The Research, Design and Innovation team is focused on ensuring that the
      KIPP network builds upon and sustains its success as the network continues
      to grow. Sustained, successful growth at quality requires: (1) Understanding
      our strengths and opportunities in order to continuously improve; (2)
      Continuing to innovate; (3) Sharing and learning from best and promising
      practices; and (4) Focusing on talent attraction, retention, and development
      (a critical factor in ensuring quality growth). Key priorities of the RDI to
      fulfill its objectives include:

      * Ongoing Research and Evaluation work that provides the data
      collection, analysis, and research for us to understand our strengths and
      prioritize our opportunities

      * Healthy Schools / Healthy Regions efforts that establish a shared
      definition of excellence and creates a reference point for meaningful
      discussion throughout our network

      * Sharing and Communities of Practice efforts to enable continued
      innovation through collaboration, syndication of promising practices, and
      affiliation/growth opportunities for KIPP employees throughout the Network

      * Innovation and Design efforts

      * Early Childhood / Elementary Design effort as we prepare to
      significantly scale up our EC/Elementary schools

      * Development of a Leadership Competency Framework and associated
      tools to: create a shared language for discussing performance and
      development, provide guidelines for leadership development programming; and
      to create common expectations around performance; and provide tools that
      facilitate discussions and action planning around performance and

      * Teacher Recruitment, Retention and Effectiveness efforts to ensure
      we continue to attract, develop and retain the highest quality staff

      * Marketing (tightly linked to our Teacher Recruitment efforts) and
      internal communication (critical to major change efforts)

      Key Responsibilities:

      The Director, Sharing and Communities of Practice will lead the charge of
      creating new learning communities that will serve as a hub for disseminating
      and sharing this knowledge through creative use of technology and leveraging
      a multitude of resources at the Foundation and regional level. The Director,
      Sharing and Communities of Practice will report directly to the Executive
      Vice President of Research, Design, and Innovation and work closely with the
      senior management team at KIPP.


      * Launch and incubate new Communities of Practice. In 2008-09 school
      year, this will involve hiring, managing, and developing three
      high-performing Community of Practice leaders for English Language Arts,
      Special Education, and Science, supporting these direct reports in
      cultivating networks of talented teachers throughout KIPP into formal

      * Expand into additional academic and/or operational Communities of
      Practice during 2009-2010 school

      * Develop direct reports around delivery of results and demonstration
      of leadership within their respective communities

      * Oversee the national rollout of a technology platform to effectively
      support Communities of Practice and overall learning and sharing initiatives

      * Partner with technology team, existing Communities, and regional
      Directors of Sharing

      * Lead effort to shape the vision, develop the strategy, and
      facilitate the rollout of KIPP's national sharing platform and link this
      platform to other key Network-wide applications

      * Provide oversight and direction in the creation of portals or sites
      to effectively support various Communities of Practice across KIPP regions
      and schools

      * Support planning and execution of the KIPP School Summit (KSS), the
      marquee annual event that provides professional development for all members
      of the KIPP community. The annual week-long event brings together over 1600
      educators, business personnel, board members, funders, and alumni from
      throughout the KIPP network. The Director of Communities of Practice,
      Learning and Sharing will be an integral part of the KSS leadership team.

      * Develop an integrated vision for KSS by connecting the work of the
      communities of practice to professional development opportunities for

      * Lead the planning processes for the development of the academic
      content strands of KSS

      * Manage the overall KSS team including driving workplans, managing
      obstacles to decisions, communicating progress to key constituencies, and
      coordinating the activities of the staff in the delivery of the event.

      * Provide leadership and oversight in the development of Communities
      of Practice and opportunities for knowledge transfer throughout the
      organization and network

      * Seek knowledge about best practices within KIPP and external models
      for how learning communities are developed and sustained; explores potential
      partnerships to enable access to knowledge outside of the KIPP network

      * Develop an integrated vision, strategy, and set of framework for how
      to build successful Communities of Practice and related learning
      opportunities within KIPP

      * Enable the creation of successful new communities based on common
      criteria and guiding principles

      * Support development and growth of existing learning communities
      within the KIPP network, identifying key lessons and insights from our work
      to date in these areas

      * Serves as champion for learning and sharing, by identifying
      successful practices from within and outside the KIPP network and enabling
      them to be disseminated, adapted and adopted

      * Articulate specific needs or demand based on emerging data and
      insights from KIPP regions and schools

      * Seek examples, cases and potential pilots that might be successfully
      rolled out and shared with KIPP teachers, school leaders or regional
      leadership teams

      * Create effective channels and creative solutions for the transfer
      and dissemination of knowledge throughout the network

      * Serves as a critical thought-partner to the senior management team
      in developing an integrated strategy for professional development efforts
      across the Foundation and network

      * Understand how Communities of Practice retreats and gatherings
      interplay with other programs and events hosted by the Foundation

      * Develop a deep understanding of key audiences and community needs to
      help inform Foundation strategy and direction


      * 7+ years successful project and team management experience.
      Demonstrated ability to develop a vision and inspire others to achieve
      shared goals. Experience working with distributed organizations, especially
      those undergoing growth or change preferred.

      * Demonstrated impact in roles that required: exceptional analytic,
      strategic-thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills in face of
      ambiguity; relationship-building with wide range of audiences; achieving
      results while operating within dynamic, fast-paced environment

      * Previous experience working with high performing public schools
      serving low income children or K-12 public education reform is highly

      * Strong computer experience including MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

      * Familiarity with web portals and the intranet in order to
      strategically use these resources across the KIPP network.

      * A willingness to travel, including significant travel to work with a
      physically distributed leadership team and network of regions and schools.

      * BA required, MBA desirable.

      * Ability to model KIPP values at all times


      Sense of purpose.

      We are inspired to fulfill a mission larger than ourselves. We are a place
      for people who enjoy the roles we play in service to our schools and


      We work hard to deliver supports and services that are truly valuable to our
      schools and regions and the kids they serve. We are resilient, persisting
      through obstacles and collaborating across teams in pursuit of solutions.


      We appreciate all who are engaged in this challenging work and treat others
      as we would like to be treated.

      Constant learning and humility.

      We seek out and expect regular, constructive feedback, keeping in mind the
      limitations of our own experience. We recognize that compelling research,
      data, and personal experience offers us the opportunity to change our
      practices to best serve our children.

      Diversity and inclusivity.

      We are building an organization in which talented individuals from all walks
      of life and past work experiences can join our team and make significant
      contributions. We are particularly committed to attracting and developing
      individuals who share the life experiences or racial backgrounds of our

      Compensation & Benefits:

      Compensation will be commensurate with experience. Employee benefits include
      medical, dental, vision and life insurance, 401K plan, and a significant
      paid time-off package.

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