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Re: [cp] Creating cultural spaces thro' individual and collective learning

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  • pete bond
    I hope this will be of interest to everyone facilitating the formation of CoPs. Creating cultural spaces thro individual and collective learning is the
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      I hope this will be of interest to everyone facilitating the formation
      of CoPs. 'Creating cultural spaces thro' individual and collective learning'
      is the third chapter in the series on using web 2.0 as a means of
      delivering improved enterprise/system/network/CoP performance. It's
      available at http://knowledgeboard.com

      Chapter 2 covered personal or individual learning and this chapter takes
      the next logical step to consider how it becomes shared and what happens
      when it is. What happens is quite profound, organizations form, but on
      further sharing an organization/CoP may grow or may be destabilised and
      go into terminal decline. The chapter also explores the nature and
      utility of theory. I remember past exchanges here about the value of
      theory, and in this chapter I try to explain why its creation and use,
      in the form of models and Learning tools, is first nature to us humans.

      Chapters 2 and 3, at least for me, follow the path that Lave and Wenger
      first took in making the connection between personal learning,
      particularly situated problem solving, and the formation of communities.
      Chapter 4 will cover community formation and development.

      This is a heavy theoretical chapter which draws on the work of the
      sociologist Anthony Giddens, Max Boisot, and Maturana and Varela,
      amongst others, all names which will be familiar to anyone who has read
      my past postings to com-prac.

      Comments would be very welcome, here or at the knowledgeboard.com.

      Peter Bond
      Learning Futures
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