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RE: [cp] CoP literature wiki

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  • John D. Smith
    THANKS, Joitske! Wonderful work. Trying to build on what you ve done: I added a page with 20 recent tagged resources here:
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 6, 2008
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      THANKS, Joitske! Wonderful work. Trying to build on what you've done:

      I added a page with 20 recent tagged resources here:


      I looked at these links at the bottom of the page:

      [[http://www.indsoft.pl/|Quantum CMS]] and [[http://www.indsoft.pl/|Quantum
      CRM]] or [[http://www.indsoft.pl/|Indsoft]]

      They looked like a vendor's idea and not particularly useful, so I removed
      them. And I changed the permissions so you have to be a "member" to edit a
      page. (And I sent you and Jay Cross invitations to be members!)

      * John D. Smith ~ Voice: 503.963.8229 ~ Skype: smithjd
      * Portland, Oregon, USA http://www.learningAlliances.net
      * see http://technologyforcommunities.com/tools/
      * "Everything that lives, / Lives not alone, nor for itself." - William
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      Dear com-prac-ers,

      I decided to do some work on the wiki with resources on communities of
      practice. After all, that's easier than starting my own wiki.
      I guessed I could use the wiki as a reference for myself or to point other
      people to resources.

      See http://cofpractice-biblio.wikispaces.com/
      I noticed however that there are only 2-3 people who have worked on it so
      far. I think it would be much richer if others would add their favorite
      resources too.
      So you are invited!

      Cheers, Joitske

      ps I put in the feed with resources tagged with communities of practice, but
      couldn't align it to the right, how do you do this?

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