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Knowledge, Collaboration and Sensemaking

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  • soscall
    Masterclass leader: Dr John Girard Associate Professor of Management Minot State University, USA The world s foremost authority on Enterprise Dementia
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2008
      Masterclass leader:
      Dr John Girard
      Associate Professor of Management
      Minot State University, USA
      The world's foremost authority on Enterprise Dementia

      "Excellent, engaging. Can't wait to use some bits in the workplace." -
      Department of Education & Early Childhood Development

      "Inspirational speaker" - The University of Melbourne

      "Very good demos" – Medibank Private

      "Brilliant – talked very positively and practically. Extremely
      engaging." – National Australia Bank

      "The presentation and content were excellent – the best part of the
      whole event." – Department of Justice


      Two-day masterclass
      10-11 November 2008
      Rydges World Square, Sydney

      Enhancing knowledge and collaboration strategies by refining
      organisational culture, applying sensemaking techniques and harnessing
      digital opportunities

      When undertaking knowledge sharing and collaborative activities, it can
      be difficult to effectively bring different organisational perspectives
      together to provide a meaningful outcome for the business. Not only is
      it crucial to engage the organisation to participate, collaborate and
      share, but also to distil collected information to transform it into
      intellectual capital.

      Knowledge practitioners need to therefore apply various processes to
      achieve a coherent view of organisational knowledge. By applying
      sensemaking techniques it is possible to create a shared awareness and
      understanding that will promote enhanced knowledge management practice
      and allow deeper insights into organisational dynamics. Additionally, as
      more and more collaborative options present themselves in the form of
      social media, knowledge professionals need to carefully assess how to
      ensure that their work practices are effectively aligned with digital

      By effectively examining culture, technology and processes, knowledge
      practitioners well then be better placed to effectively link KM to
      performance management and to use organisational knowledge as a basis
      for innovation. This two-day interactive masterclass will explore some
      of these challenges and equip you with practical ideas to implement in
      your organisation. Come prepared to discuss your personal challenges,
      and get involved in sharing ideas with the group.

      This interactive masterclass will examine:

      · Using knowledge sharing, collaboration and sensemaking
      techniques to improve organisational effectiveness

      · Using social spaces to collaborate and transfer knowledge

      · Describing the purposes, uses, and value of knowledge
      management in organisations

      · Differentiating between data, information and knowledge

      · Evaluating knowledge creation and transfer

      · Developing a knowledge strategy

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