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Events, workshops, conferences, books and conversations in CPsquare

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  • John D. Smith
    Upcoming events in CPsquare: CPsquare book club: We ll be reading selected chapters from Communities of Practice:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2008
      Upcoming events in CPsquare:
      CPsquare book club: We'll be reading selected chapters from Communities of
      Practice: <http://www.chris-kimble.com/CLEE/CLEE.html> Creating Learning
      Environments for Educators, edited by Chris Kimble and Paul Hildreth. See
      the table of contents for <http://www.chris-kimble.com/CLEE/ToC.html> both
      volumes. Several of the authors are members or have been involved in
      CPsquare over the years. All of the authors will be invited to participate
      in the discussions. Some synchronous events (teleconferences) will be held,
      but most of the discussion will be asynchronous. If you want to participate
      in these discussions you should buy the book immediately. Selection of
      which chapters to read together will begin late July. Actual chapter
      discussions begin a week later. It's free to CPsquare members and $50 for
      non-members. Registration is at: http://www.cpsquare.org/events/index.htm
      (shouldn't you really just join?)

      * Karen Guldberg and Jenny Mackness have done a raft of interviews
      with participants and leaders of the Winter 2008 Foundations Workshop and
      have written a paper about it, getting at issues such as emotion,
      connectivity, understanding norms, learning tensions/dualities, technology,
      and identity. We're scheduling a session in September where previous
      participants and CPsquare members will be invited to talk about these
      findings and their implications and application.

      The next Foundations Workshop starts on September 15:


      Upcoming conferences of interest:
      EPIC http://www.epic2008.com/
      * http://conferences.aoir.org/cfp.html Copenhagen in mid-October

      * Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li, "Groundswell: Winning in a World
      Transformed by Social Technologies" (Cambridge, Mass: Harvard Business
      School Press, 2008) http://isbn.nu/1422125009

      * Grant David McCracken, Transformations: Identity Construction in
      Contemporary Culture. Indiana Univ Press, 2008,

      * Shawn Callahan's "The Ultimate Guide to Anecdote Circles" --
      Beautiful and useful and FREE!

      * A report about CPsquare's Long Live the Platform conference last
      January reports on several levels of innovation:

      My adventures in technology stewardship always have a history, bumps, and
      even some nice surprises along the way as well. I've set up a blog
      <http://technologyforcommunities.com/> and a tools wiki
      <http://technologyforcommunities.com/tools/tiki-index.php> for the book
      I've been working on with Etienne Wenger and Nancy White for the last 3
      years (Technology Stewardship for Communities). Recently I moved my own
      website & blog to the same ISP, thinking of it as a rehearsal for CPsquare's
      more complex move to the same set-up in the near future. It was kind of
      agonizing (my little report on my success
      <http://learningalliances.net/2008/06/migration-complete/> turned out to be
      premature, since the agony continued for a few days more). But today I
      discovered that some geeky magic (in Wordpress, I presume) makes all the old
      URLs (such as this one:
      gy-steward) continue working (because they get translated to the current
      When you've been down in the trenches dealing with nits, little things like
      that seem miraculous!

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