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RE: [cp] Re: better groupware

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  • David Gibbens
    RosannaThanks for being supportive.==== Do you know of any group that is just about the technical side of CoPs? (I am asking for a person I know that
    Message 1 of 38 , Jun 17, 2005
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      Thanks for being supportive.

      "Do you know of any group that is just about the technical side of CoPs? (I
      am asking for a person I know that could be interested in this nuance

      No, I haven't found any group that is just about the technical side of CoPs.
      I've found groups that deal with particular aspects of the technology eg
      I've been lurking in the Admin Zone Forum (see
      http://www.theadminzone.com/forums/index.php where bulletin board
      administrators discuss both technical and "social" (moderation etc) issues.
      The BB describes itself thus: "Our goal is to become the leading resource
      for every Bulletin Board Administrator seeking the information and advice
      needed to plan, launch, and manage their online Communities". There are
      threads there where people are discussing the best tools for integrating
      their bulletin boards into portals or content management systems.

      I also put a post up on the Technology Special Interest Group on
      Knowledgeboard and I guess it might be possible to get the people that run
      Knowledgeboard to create another SIG for this purpose.

      I am interested in finding ways of collaborating with people on this so I
      would certainly be keen to make contact with the person you mention. (It
      would of course be trivial to set up a YahooGroup for the purpose, but
      personally I wanted to use the exercise to make myself familiar with other
      types of tool.)

      "What are *you* here for, David, aside from your search?"

      I was a bit reluctant to deal with this as it seems to require me to justify
      my existence. But to be fair as my posts seem to have created some
      nervousness in the group I maybe should take steps to allay that even if
      most members will be even less interesed in me personally than in my search
      for appropriate technology.

      The simple answer is I feel I am here "by right" as a long-term nurturer of
      communities of practice. Had I known com-prac existed I would have joined
      when I set up my first e-mail groups about six years ago. There was a great
      glow of recognition when I discovered com-prac. I particularly enjoyed
      reading the interview with John Smith about his experiences with com-prac
      itself (see the com-prac library). My first group empty_homes_network_uk
      existed only as an e-mail group maintained by me. Subsequently this was
      subsumed into NAEPP, which has a constitution, officers etc. But as well as
      being Treasurer and Membership Secretary of NAEPP, I remain the only person
      who seems to have any interest in maintaining the e-group and that sometimes
      feels quite a lonely responsibility.

      So there you have the standard stuff I would look to take FROM com-prac -
      solidarity, support. My initial post to com-prac was a typical newbie post
      of someone looking to more experienced members for information.

      As for giving TO com-prac, I would hope to feed back into the group useful
      links and documents - not just about technology but anything else which I
      come across - and contribute to any e-mail exchange where I feel my
      experience or thoughts are relevant. I think I've already indicated a
      willingness to give something back by putting things like the NAEPP
      constitution in a publicly accessible place.

      Currently I'm trying to reflect on what I've learned in my search process,
      how information is stored and made available on the www and how you can
      create a collaborative process that "deepens" the knowledge available. By
      "deepen" I mean collect, sift, structure the knowledge not just once but as
      an on-going resource. That's a bit about KM, a bit about CMS and a bit
      about collaborative working (CoP?). So expect a post of a more general
      nature in the not-too-distant future.


      Best wishes.

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      What are *you* here for, David, aside from your search?

      And btw I completely agree with you, human interactions shape software needs
      and the software shapes the interaction.

      Rosanna Tarsiero

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    • Vic Williams
      Hi, I ve spent some years doing club rescue , helping sick Toastmasters clubs (www.toastmasters.org). They use electronic and live connection systems. The
      Message 38 of 38 , Jun 30, 2005
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        I've spent some years doing 'club rescue', helping sick Toastmasters
        clubs (www.toastmasters.org). They use electronic and live connection
        systems. The patterns of usage vary by individual club - by
        the personalities and dominant groups involved. Most or all could
        benefit from richer electronic connections. Even people who don't
        use a computer much themselves benefit from the better organization
        around them -the richer community connections. I've seen a lot of lives
        enriched by simply introducing yahoo egroups and geocities web sites.

        They could benefit from richer club-to-club connections and
        larger group connections growing community.

        plbond wrote:
        > ... David asked if anyone else share the perception that
        > there are far more of these potential groups (whether CoPs or otherwise)
        > than the groups that actually exist - and that the penetration of
        > groupware has actually been very shallow.
        > ...

        High tech doesn't seem to make that much difference. I've worked
        with groups who meet inside software development firms, big banks,
        chipmakers, and the like. The tech is just a trickster, it can be
        useful and the knife can turn in the hand.

        Because I've dealt with the walking wounded and new clubs I like
        simplicity, it's easier to instil and to fix.


        Vic Williams 604-433-5189 -- Empowering personal & group ecology.
        www.strategicprocess.com - www.spiralwild.com
        Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking
        what no one else has thought. --Albert Szent-Gyorgi
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