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RE: [cp] Open Source Communities-Motivations(Lessons to be learnt??)

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  • Cornejo Castro, Miguel
    After reading this thread (I ve been offline a while) I just wanted to comment some things on OS software projects and their communities that I ve come across
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 19, 2005
      After reading this thread (I've been offline a while) I just wanted to comment some things on OS software projects and their communities that I've come across as an OS user and implementer.

      - There is a very serious difference between the OS project team and the surrounding community.

      - The first group is a close-knit, rather organized work group in which the leaders' attitude is indeed essential, and lurking (LPP) just doesn't exist: it would never be accepted. Interaction is different, there tend to be much more formal methods for collaboration.

      - The second is made up of all users of the resulting product and other interested parties ("peripheral" participants). Even here, "lurking" is just not the right term, IMHO. People use the CoP's resources to learn and solve a problem, and by finding a problem they are actually contributing to the project. Also, by finding and proposing a solution or workaround; by posting code snippets that other can use to hack some part of the project; by suggesting changes and improvements.

      - All those "peripheral" attitudes are approved behaviour in OSS communities. Asking questions without looking at the FAQs or using the search facilities, on the other hand, can get short shrift. And not thanking people for help, too.

      - "Leadership" is not the name of the game in the wider community. They don't work together: it's rather like in market economics, everyone trying to solve their individual problem and by doing so improving the lot of everyone. What drives its growth is the ability of the core team to deliver results... and the readiness to answer question of the more knowledgeable peripheral users.

      At least so I've seen it :-). Best regards,


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      There is a great article on the motivations of those joining Open
      Source Communities at http://www.blueoxen.org/research/00007/

      There are some interesting observations. About 79% of them join to
      learn and develop new skills and are not necessarily heavy
      contributors.This seems to be in line with experience at Shell where
      there were a lot of people who were regular "readers" but rarely
      contributed.What have the experiences of others been in this regard?

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