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Knowledge Management Events, London, UK

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  • sara_batley
    We are pleased to announce two outstanding masterclasses, taking place in London in April, from two of the world s leading Knowledge Management experts –
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2004
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      We are pleased to announce two outstanding masterclasses, taking
      place in London in April, from two of the world's leading
      Management experts – Dave Snowden and Victor Newman:

      INNOVATION MASTERCLASS, 27 April, London
      Presenter: Dave Snowden, Director, Canolfan Cynefin Centre, IBM
      Global Services.
      In a nutshell, this event will help you to:
      . Create a framework to distinguish between incremental and
      . Create an understanding of the different forms of management
      . Examine different organisation structures and their appropriateness
      to different types of innovation
      . Increase awareness of practical tools and techniques needed
      . Understand how to actively manage and promote creative dissent
      . Allow investment in Knowledge Management to be re-focused on
      creating innovation
      . Acquire new skills in communicating across the cultural divide

      your organisation, 20 April , London
      Presenter: Victor Newman, Chief Learning Officer, European Pfizer
      Research University.
      This workshop offers a range of techniques to ensure you understand
      your role in revolutionising Knowledge Management in your
      organisation. The emphasis will be on applying practical techniques.
      By attending you will also find out why KM is more a way of thinking
      than the purchase of new technology!

      If you would like information about either of the above events,
      please email me at sara@... I will be delighted to send you
      back a .pdf file containing detailed information. You can also see
      information online at: www.unicom.co.uk/km

      Both of these events can also be run in-house for your organisation.

      If I can be of further help, or if you would like further information
      on in-house events – my telephone number is +44 (0) 1895 256
      email sara@...

      Kind regards,

      Sara Batley
      UNICOM Seminars Ltd
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