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can we list members of the cop species?

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  • Chris Macrae
    Yesterday s 4 mail digest was vintage stuff. In particular the question: can we list members of cop species ? came to my mind because of Matthew s mention of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2000
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      Yesterday's 4 mail digest was vintage stuff. In particular the question:
      can we list members of cop species ? came to my mind because of
      Matthew's mention of systemic invention...

      In my mind not all cops start the same way and maybe they can't be compared
      as apples

      Does anyone half-recognise these types and if so is there lalready a
      standard classification of species types? (sorry if I am asking a naive

      Biggest COP : Systemic organistion-wide COP around a huge topic for
      knowledge/action sharing
      which is so core to the company's business that it could potentially involve
      every employee
      (very difficult to start because it requires changing many things in a
      comany : eg I have seen a CEO of a global 1000 company send a video out
      berating everyone for not using knowledge sharing facilities he had
      supported and yet at the same time doing nothing to the timesheet system or
      the rewards systems which inhibited a knowedge sharing culture!)

      Specialist COP : I'm told that somewhere in Unilever's Batchelor's Food
      division, there's a group of foood technologists who are passionate about
      everything tomato. Even if its not true , I can understand people connecting
      together to be most informed in the world on a mastermind selected subject.
      I imagion certain COPs (eg you only need to think of certain types of
      colectibles or craft hobbies etc) have always evolved like this whether or
      not their participants know about cop as a concept

      Specifically IT connected cops : so ok if you're a Linux user , open source
      means you contribute to a community and here you will probably see some of
      the leading edge IT tools facilitaing this world-wide knowledge sharing

      Argaubly, any best of kind content website is a cop?

      I won't go on much longer. But do you feel that each of tese are different
      types of apples within the cop species. If so, can we make a more complete
      list? The reason I suggest thsi is that I'm guessing the critical challenges
      in evolving each species member may be different at least through different
      dtages of their formation.

      (Personal Perspective: My origins are in marketing and a belief that vin
      companies with a passionate purpose "everyone should be in marketing".
      Having researched this perspective for over 10 years, I also understand that
      this big view of marketing makes the discipline fuzzy to many people. I feel
      that COP as a megadiscipline may suffer come of the same kinds of teething
      pains )

      chris macrae, wcbn007@...

      > Matthew Simpson
      > Lotus
      > So, I ask this with innocent curiosity and enthusiastic wonder....,
      > going on here?... What kind of group is this?... Who else is here?"
      Not only are we researching the kinds of software tools that
      > communities need, not only are we researching the kinds of methodological
      > processes that need to be in place to develop communities in
      > not only are we researching the fundamental ingredients of successful
      > community development, but recently, I have been fascinated by the kinds
      > systemic interventions that need to occur within organizations to
      > the entire company into a system in which communities are diffusing
      > rapidly. Is that sufficiently vague? ;-) (Actually, I'm working that
      > latter point into an article that I will be submitting for peer review...
      > perhaps I can share more of that later this year when I get closer to
      > deadline).
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