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  • Matthew Phillips
    I ve been reading for months now and really enjoying the quality of dialogue. Please allow me to introduce myself: Matthew Phillips, I m a graduate student in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2003
      I've been reading for months now and really enjoying the quality of

      Please allow me to introduce myself:
      Matthew Phillips, I'm a graduate student in educational technology @
      Pepperdine University. I'm not a teacher, my experience is digital
      technology for Film and TV in Los Angeles. I would, however, love to see
      schools move from honing memorization skills and teaching to the test.

      I've watched with great interest the recent discussions here re building
      upon open source code to develop a community of practice architecture:
      http://www.tomoye.com/ is utilized by our friends at CPsquare, but at
      $50k US it's way too much for the prototype I seek to build for my
      action research and startup business. http://www.postnuke.com/ and
      http://www.drupal.org/ are good opensource CMSs to start with, but there
      are so many more CMS coming out every month it seems, it's quite
      confusing... ;-) SharePoint is ok, we use it for our development, but I
      don't think the current version is good for CoP. I just spoke with the
      folks at MIT, they are moving OPENCOURSEWARE to Microsoft Content
      Management System 2002.

      This to say, I have been gathering a massive amount of data for my
      action research project (due in 30-days). Part of this research has been
      to seek out Content Management Systems CMS's (a good backbone for CoP
      software) that we could build our online game prototype upon. Overall
      this research has taken over 2-years. That said, I still hesitate to
      inform you all of my project because it's still not complete (far from
      it), but possibly some of the data I continue to gather, and many of the
      connections I'm beginning to now make, might benefit some...and I could
      really use the help quite frankly, if this sounds like a CoP you'd find
      challenging ;-)

      "I never memorize information that I know I can look up." ~Albert
      This research investigates and analyzes the creation of a knowledge
      exchange game environment, providing the context for an online community
      system (similar to answers.google, [as a game with a blog reflection
      area], and related television game show. It is an online game of
      knowledge bidding and exchange, where questions 'pitched' into the game
      generate dialogue, and solutions. These 'conversations' are syndicated
      via the Internet and other broadcast mediums.

      After viewing the site, if you have ANY input and would like to e-mail
      me please feel free, or post your comments here if you'd like. The very
      beginnings of my web concepts are located here:
      http://www.AmazeBay.com/. I am just now beginning to write the report.
      If you are interested in helping join forces, I could use help in
      writing, or in the development of the prototypes, or if comments are
      your forte, fire away...If I've missed someTHING or someONE that you
      know about, please let me know and I will promptly add to the site. I've
      already learned a lot in com-prac/onlinefacilitation (thanks John &
      Nancy)! This project will go beyond grad school for me, it's also my
      business startup, grant free ;-).

      Thank you!

      Very Respectfully,
      Matthew Phillips
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