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Re: [cp] Question - CoP's in K-12 Education

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  • Bronwyn Stuckey
    Hiya Dianne, We talked on chat a little while ago I believe with Linda Polin? Happy to send you copies of my papers if they are likely to be of interest.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2003
      Hiya Dianne,

      We talked on chat a little while ago I believe with Linda Polin?
      Happy to send you copies of my papers if they are likely to be of interest.
      (SITE, EdMedia, E-Learn , ALT-C) They relate to technology and distributed
      teacher communites.

      Are you talking K-12 student communities or teacher communities? I was also not
      sure about whether you meant within schools or across them

      Here are a few leaders in the US and other spots that you might find helpful.
      My research in in the use of CoPS for teacher professional development. So
      these all relate to that. Sorry if I have misunderstood your question.

      Teacher CoPs you would do well to look at:

      ILF - The Indiana University Inquiry Learning Forum
      Publications have been written by Sasha Barab researching the activity of this
      community http://education.indiana.edu/~sbarab/
      Also look for the writings of Tom Duffy and Curtis Bonk from Indiana on
      educational CoPs.

      The work of the Concord Consortium and their Moving out of the Middle workshop
      Sarah Haavind has been instrumental in this work

      Tom Rule at Lewis and Clark Graduate College is establishing a leadership CoP
      in Oregon for school executive. This is in the early stages but very well

      MirandaNet www.mirandanet.ac.uk
      Is a teacher fellowship with some very interesting EU associations and a great
      track record. Very professional.

      Work based On Marlene Scardamalia's Knoweldge Building Communities
      has been carried out at Wollongong University in Australia for inservice
      teaching. Brian Ferry, Brian Cambourne or Julie Kiggins would be the best
      people to talk to there. www.etcaustralia.com/fll/docs/kbc.doc

      Educause has some focus on research and development of CoPs

      Harvard has lots of good work happening
      - Pamela Whitehouse
      - Cindy Cisneros
      to name but a few to track down

      Other to look into the work of:

      Phil Agre - UCLA http://dlis.gseis.ucla.edu/people/pagre/
      Margaret Riel - http://www.gse.uci.edu/mriel/

      Sunday morning and lots more to tell - let me know if I am on the right topic
      or not before I go much further. (can talk under water) :-)


      Quoting spencedlr <Diane.Spence@...>:

      > Com-Prac Members,
      > As a doctoral student and school administrator, I am interested in
      > cultivating communities of practice and knowledge sharing within K-12
      > education settings. Does anyone have any information about communities of
      > practice in K-12 education, their virtual support, or any other resources
      > that might be useful? Thank you very much for your help.
      > Diane
      > Diane Spence
      > Pepperdine University EDET Program
      > Diane.Spence@...
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      Bronwyn Stuckey
      StageStruck Online
      Professional Development Community Facilitator
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