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FW: "Communities of Practice" & "Online Facilitation" courses at KEU

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  • John D. Smith
    The KEU class taught by Nancy White and Mihaela Moussou was mentioned recently, but some people might not have received this announcement about Etienne
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2000
      The KEU class taught by Nancy White and Mihaela Moussou was mentioned
      recently, but some people might not have received this announcement about
      Etienne Wenger's class on Communities of Practice. Highly recommended!


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      Subject: "Communities of Practice" & "Online Facilitation" courses at

      Dear Colleague,

      Knowledge Ecology University invites you to participate in our
      upcoming Summer online courses. You are receiving this message
      because you have either inquired about one of KEU's courses, have
      asked to be kept informed of our new offerings or have been
      recommended by a colleague. If you do not wish to receive further
      notifications from us, please send an e-mail requesting removal from
      our data base.

      We are proud to offer the following classes focused on helping you
      and your organization be more successful in this day of virtual
      teams, rapid change and information overload.

      Communities of Practice
      Dates June 1 - 23, 2000
      Tuition: $650
      Register at: http://www.KnowledgeEcology.com/keu/reg/

      Communities of practice are the most rapidly propagating business
      life forms. They are widely considered the richest source of
      knowledge creation. Competence in fostering communities of practice
      is a key to the design of work and knowledge sharing in a global,
      distributed environment, therefore it has become a strategic

      You will learn:
      o What communities of practice are and what they are good for
      o How they have the potential of becoming part of a knowledge strategy
      o What it takes to foster and sustain them
      o What the fundamental "infrastructures of knowing" are
      o What it really means to "manage" knowledge
      o How to address the challenges and opportunities of new technologies

      Instructor: Etienne Wenger, PhD
      Etienne is a globally recognized thought leader in the field of
      learning theory and its applications to business. He is a pioneer of
      the "communities of practice" research and author of Communities of
      Practice: Learning, Meaning, and Identity (Cambridge University
      Press, 1998). His seminal work on communities of practice has been
      featured in Fortune and Training magazines.

      For more information on Communities of Practice course:
      or call Melanie Gendron at 831-475-9545


      Online Facilitation Intensive
      Dates: June 12-23.2000
      Tuition: $595.00 US
      Register at: http://www.KnowledgeEcology.com/keu/reg/

      <stuff snipped that was in an earlier post to the com-prac list>

      For more information on Online Facilitation Intensive course:
      or call Mihaela at 831-336-3428

      If you are a graduate of one of our courses, please note that the
      experience of each course is unique and different. Feel free to
      share your enjoyment of the course and pass this message to
      colleagues you surmise may benefit from attending. Thank you.
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