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ANNOUNCEMENT: Online Facilitation Intensive June 2000

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  • John D. Smith
    During Etienne Wenger s class on Communities of Practice at KEU last fall, Nancy White and Mihaela Mousou spent a day (plus) with us as guest speakers talking
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2000
      During Etienne Wenger's class on Communities of Practice at KEU last fall,
      Nancy White and Mihaela Mousou spent a day (plus) with us as guest speakers
      talking about online facilitation. It was a rich and stimulating
      conversation. Both of them now subscribe to this list and they are going to
      offer a class which by all accounts is QUITE wonderful.

      It seems to me that watching them "operate" is inspiring and
      instructive--how they facilitate, provoke, "think out loud with their
      keyboards", etc.

      So I think many people who are involved in this com-prac discussion would
      find their class to be very useful. If you take the class because of this
      recommendation, see the fine print at the end of this message... :-)


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      Subject: [of] ANNOUNCEMENT: Online Facilitation Intensive June 2000

      By popular request, Mihaela Mousou and I will be offereing a 2-week
      intensive version of our online facilitation course starting June 12th --
      aptly named "INTENSIVE" as it will go at a fast pace, packed with content
      and interaction.

      Full details at http://www.fullcirc.com/keu/spring00intensive.htm or read

      Dates: June 12-23.200

      Tuition: $595.00 US

      Register at: www.KnowledgeEcology.com/keu/reg/

      Online Facilitation Intensive

      **Course Description**

      Whether you plan to facilitate project oriented virtual teams, online
      communities or focused inquiries, at the end of this 2 weeks course you
      will be equipped with the tools and practice to make a difference in your

      **Learning Outcomes**

      * Designing the online space, structure and mental maps to help people's
      internal representation of the virtual space
      * Exploring the translation of offline facilitation skills to the online
      * Specific online facilitation tips and tools
      * Enabling relationship and trust building online
      * Encouraging participation, pacing and leading
      * Defining group interactions, techniques and outcomes
      * Successfully moving groups from purpose to action
      * Understanding the dynamics of rhythm and cycles of activity
      * Summarizing and harvesting knowledge and learning

      The course focuses mainly on the human elements of online interaction in a
      marriage of theory, dialog and action learning, although we will also have
      discussions and explorations on current group technologies and tools.

      A CD of the course is made available to each student for future reference.

      **Delivery Format**

      This is an online course presented in a web-conference asynchronous
      environment, allowing participants to engage at their own convenience from
      home or office. Additionally, there will be one scheduled phone conference
      call and several field trips to experiment with other synchronous tools.


      * To get the most out of this intensive course, a minimum of 2 hrs/day is
      required. We strongly recommend that this time be set aside away from other
      daily activities, to ensure focused and uninterrupted attention.
      * If a student has no experience with online discussion tools, some
      additional time should be allocated three days before the course start to
      familiarize themselves with the environment and tools.
      * Netscape Navigator 6.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0, or higher version, are
      recommended for this course.

      **Mihaela Moussou**
      Mihaela is a co-founder of Knowledge Ecology University. She has designed,
      hosted and facilitated all ranges of virtual environments, such as
      corporate virtual teaming knowledge centers, online meetings for virtual
      taskforces, large-scale web communities and special virtual events,
      including the Knowledge Ecology Fair '98.
      Mihaela combines her backgrounds in psychology and 25 years of logistics
      and project management to enhance interpersonal communication in virtual
      work environments. Mihaela can be reached at mihaela@...

      **Nancy White **
      Nancy is the founder and president of Full Circle Associates
      (www.fullcirc.com), a communications consulting firm, helping non-profits
      and businesses connect through online and offline strategies.
      Nancy is a skilled online host and facilitator who actively hones her craft
      on both social conversational sites and focused, work-related online
      communities. She is an active chronicler and collector of online
      facilitation resources, constantly seeking to understand "what works and
      why" in this evolving world of online communities. Nancy can be reached at

      More on the Knowledge Ecology University:

      Telephone (831) 336-3428 - Fax (831) 336-2832

      Nancy White ~ Full Circle Associates ~ 206-517-4754
      http://www.fullcirc.com and http://www.onlinefacilitation.com


      If you take this class, consider a commitment to tell something about what
      you learned! How did you learn it? Etc., etc.
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