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A time for jubilation?

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  • chris macrae
    Hi Since we are communally united by the English language, and in the United Kingdom, today we celebrate the 50th Jubilee of our Queen Elizabeth, we thought
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2002
      Since we are communally united by the English language, and in the United Kingdom, today we celebrate the 50th Jubilee of our Queen Elizabeth, we thought this would be a fitting time to start to open source
      www.valuetrue.com : a practice community designed to dynamically manage in content that helps organisations respect a common standard for human relationship mapping, and ultimately simplifies all professional disciplines as commonly measurable to human beings. We'd love to translate and cross-fertilise our navigational sense for valuation of corporate futures with compatible ones within your community
      One way to summarise the valuetrue change culture is through the 2.0 logo but interpreting its sense so that the internet is not only a root cause of  all the revolutionary productivities and values we can now connect but empowers compliance with making any human discipline transparent and dynamic in the frameworks it propagates. To align this goal, we've elected the mission of downsizing every business/intervention of numbers men (eg quarterly audits) by half so that the rest of the value measurability market is taken over by something that sustains human relationships systematically. We'd prefer to achieve this within 3 years, but failure will be longer than 5 years.
      We have had a go at sketching economics 2.0; if you would like to have a go at sketching how to resurrect in human system terms a profession or disciplinary method that you care deeply about, please tell me either communally through this egroup or direct to wcbn007@...
      Our gallery at www.valuetrue.com needs to feature a series of 2.0's ; if we can convert economists, why not cascade through all the other professions at the same time?
      Even before the appalling human destructions of last year, 3 measurement reports (two by US Policy Institutes and the other by the European Union) were issued in the summer saying that 85% of value productivity needs to be governed by soft performance standards not hard. A similar case is argued by policy advisers like Joseph Nye in "The Paradox of American Power - why the world's only superpower can't go it alone".
      It is the right time for any practice community -believing that human beings have system rights to learn - to unite in a common standard mapping representation of the value exchange dynamics of human systems. If you know of any Association that might like to start a SIG in parallel with other Associations, now would be the best of all times to start facilitating such a launch party.
      It is also time to make a bi-partisan and worldwide movement out of Bush's call for performance standards to usher in The Responsibility Era as fast as practical  http://www.nist.gov/public_affairs/releases/wh_remarks.htm .
      interdum stultus bene loquitur
      chris macrae, wcbn007@..., London 0208 540 5304
      www.valuetrue.com community for mapping system measurability to human relationship value
      FieldBook: The Map that Changed the World is due to be published by Wiley early 2003 after communal improvement
      Affiliated Association: Risk Management
      Affiliated Sigs: Knowledge Management, Emotional Intelligence and Marketing
      www.normanmacrae.com Bright Economics Futures
      www.allaboutbranding.com Nation, Corporate & Personal Brands need valuing in ways that product brand advertising & mass media doesn't care much about.
      Chief Brand Officer Association Annual Retreat June 26-28 Sweden (details on request)
      Please feel free to relay our message to all who may enjoy the Communal Responsibility Challenge of our times.
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